IBM Announcing WebSphere Commerce V7.0

IBM announced the release of IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0. WebSphere Commerce V7.0 delivers a customer-centric, cross-channel solution with exci...

Coremetrics October 2009 Release Notes

In the past two years, Coremetrics has developed a suite of marketing applications to complement its industry-leading Web Analytics solution.  These applications address specific business concerns such as multi-channel analytics, benchmarking, search marketing, and targeted advertising.  Yet, there is a need to preserve an integrated platform, in order to address a few glaring challenges.  How could the solution separate business concerns, while providing users with the ability to leverage one application’s features within another?  How could the solution improve workflow within and across the different applications?  Hence, the theme of the Coremetrics October 2009 release: “Interoperability across the Platform”.

Lee Jeans and Zobrist Software Group Inc. Announce All-New

For Immediate Release VAN NUYS, CA – On April 20, 2009, Lee Jeans and Zobrist Software Group Inc. relaunched The main goal of the new site is...

Coremetrics: Tracking Technology and Best Practices

How can we help business managers create highly targeted marketing campaigns to drive results? By implementing Coremetrics, a web analytics solution with the ability to handle data efficiently and provide customized reporting. This article provides a brief overview of the Coremetrics implementation process and offers some best practices based on Zobrist Consulting’s experience tagging both average and high traffic websites.

Search Friendly URLs for IBM WebSphere Commerce

Many sites use dynamic content to streamline their maintenance and data management processes. With dynamic content, data is retrieved from back-end databases, so URLs are built with a number of parameters, represented by special characters such as %, ?, #, etc. When search engine spiders see these special characters, they stop crawling the site and rank these dynamically driven sites very low in terms of content relevancy. This means that your unpaid, natural search results will appear lower (or not at all) in search engine results.

Vans’ Re-Launched their Custom Shoes Feature

On April 2009, Vans’ re-launched their Custom Shoes feature. Custom Shoes allows customers to personalize almost all aspects of their ideal shoes such...

Interview with the CEO: Three Home Runs at the Mid-Market Advisory Council

This last March, IBM held its bi-annual Mid-Market Advisory Council (MMAC), a two-day event geared at educating IBM business partners about the new technology coming out this year, in Raleigh, North Carolina. “There were three technologies they’d announced that I felt are of particular interest and relevance to Small and Medium Businesses in the e-commerce industry,” says Teresa Zobrist, CEO of Zobrist Software Group Inc.