Recognizing Traffic by Device

Mobile traffic is estimated at 20% or 33%, depending who you ask, of all global Internet traffic. Regardless of which number is correct, that’s a significant amount. Traffic around mobile devices continues to rise, with iPhone still leading the way and purchases more likely made on a tablet.

However, your site may differ from this. Perhaps your site has a lot more mobile traffic than what’s measured globally and maybe by other device types. Your audience likely differs from the entire world. Therefore, you need to analyze what kind of traffic is coming to your site.

By analyzing the traffic by device type coming to your site, it will help you make better decisions in capturing sales. It will let you better optimize your site with placement of banners, how touch friendly buttons are, how responsive the site is in load time, and how overall friendly it is to mobile users to entice them to make purchases on your site.

Most analytic engines will give you device types. Coremetrics, Google Analytics, and many others all have a tab for this. You will be able to see what browser the user is coming in with on what screen size and perhaps what type of device it is. With such information, this will let you optimize your site for the best user experience for your customer base. Whether you do a responsive web design site, a mobile app, or just optimize your desktop version that may work just fine across devices… you will be able to use this information to increase conversion and allow your users to shop on your site with the device of their choice.

Source: Why Your Brand Must Analyze Traffic by Device