Take control of your storefront with drag and drop simplicity

Optimizing your storefront no longer requires complex tech and pages of cumbersome data. Zobrist’s Smart Merchandiser is designed to optimize the sequence of your catalog to encourage higher sales. Simply drag-and-drop products to arrange them on their web page or sort products through advanced business rules. Merchandisers can experience a 70% increase in productivity & 20% boost in revenue.

As a Saas solution, Smart Merchandiser supports SFCC (Salesforce Commerce Cloud) SiteGenesis and Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA) in addition to HCL Commerce (all versions).

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Clients using Smart Merchandiser include:

Brands that work with Zobrist

Increase sales and better manage inventory with Smart Merchandiser

  • Inventory Management

    Get a real-time report on what’s on hand for each product. See inventory by color and size.

  • Color Management

    “Leading color” feature allows products to be showcased in different colors in each category. Drag and drop products as well as color swatches.

  • Analytics Overlay™

    Visualize sales revenue, conversion rate, abandonment rate, number of views on each product thumbnail. Supported analytics tools include IBM Analytics, Google Analytics, and Omniture.

  • Social Analytics

    Use integrated social media tracking to capture Facebook likes, Twitter activity, ratings and reviews (BazaarVoice and Power Reviews) are at your fingertips.

  • Attribute Management

    With Smart Merchandiser, attribute management has never been easier. Here you can visually add, update, delete attributes, facets and filters.

  • Cross-countries catalog

    Define and link sales catalogs for multiple countries with ease, including Europe, Asia Pacific, United States and the Americas, plus multiple native languages supported.


Save time and resources with Smart Merchandiser

  • Take control

    Control what, when, and where to display on the screen real estate according to seasonality, buzz meter, sentiment analytics and inventory to provide the best customer experience.

  • Save time

    Gone are the hours spent clicking between numerous programs, databases, and spreadsheets to gain insight on how products are performing.

  • Real-time updates

    No more cutting up physical catalogs or using expensive graphic design resources to create web page mock-ups. Drag and drop changes in real-time.

  • Improved Layouts

    Get better online customer experiences and an improved ability to respond to market changes with drag and drop simplicity.

  • Cloud Support

    As a cloud solution, Smart Merchandiser supports HCL Commerce (formerly IBM Websphere Commerce) V7, V8, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

“As I heard about how Smart Merchandiser works, all I thought was ‘I WANT this; I NEED this tool. We can’t imagine merchandising on JanSport.com without Smart Merchandiser.”
Victoria Reuter, eCommerce Director, Jansport

Visual Attribute Management solves complex work for Jansport

Imagine the tedious task of editing, managing and uploading spreadsheet data for 40,000 products. Merchandisers assign product attributes in spreadsheets, IT uploads them to the site, then edits go through the same process again and again. A missing or incorrect attribute can cause a product not to show up in search results at all, leaving dollars on the table while merchandisers and IT go through the cumbersome process of finding, updating, and uploading the new data.

Zobrist created Visual Attribute Management to solve this problem. Now, merchandisers can visually add and edit product attributes and push them to live without running complex IT processes. More importantly, they can now visually enable, reorder or hide search facets to optimize the shopper search experience and help customers find the right products for them.


Five Profit Driving Online Merchandising Tips

Understand how to more effectively use online merchandising to increase market share and drive profits. Step up your online merchandising game today with our free white paper!

This guide will help companies understand how to more efficiently use online merchandising to increase market share and drive profits in online stores.

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  • Social media’s effect on eCommerce
  • Easily leverage analytics in site merchandising


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