Mobile commerce speed, reinvented

Each year, billions of eCommerce dollars are lost as a result of slow-loading mobile commerce pages. With Mobiecom, Zobrist Software reinvented a lighting fast mobile shopping experience that addresses the challenges associated with abandoned shopping carts. The result: a revolutionary, lightweight, scalable user experience optimized for the mobile shopper.


Customer experience starts with basic expectation of the mobile shopper

  • Nobody likes a slow website

    Mobile has finally surpassed desktop on commerce transactions but mobile web often does not provide a satisfying user experience with slow-loading and non-responsive web pages while building native apps can be time-consuming, costly and lacking in adequate skilled developers.

  • Tightly coupled legacy web app is holding the business back

    Tightly coupled web applications are difficult to develop and maintain, causing large expenditures on web development while enterprises lag behind competitors in personalization and customization. In addition, they are difficult and expensive to scale in the legacy server architecture. It’s time to modernize your application architecture.

  • SEO/SEM challenge in native app

    Search engine optimization/marketing and personalization either don’t work or work differently in native apps, causing operational challenges and administrative overheads to drive effective business outcomes.

  • Native app is not popular with shoppers

    Requiring users to download and install mobile apps from the app store is a big friction point in customer acquisition


Mobiecom is optimized for the best customer experience.

  • Fast loading pages

    Mobiecom is a lightweight, PWA (Progressive Web App) ecommerce application that behaves like a mobile app and responds instantly to touch. It can deliver single, or multiple pages or an entire application depending on your needs. Regardless of how you want to use it, navigation is always fast and gets the shopper what they look for instantly.

  • Power your storefront with All REST APIs

    By the virtue of being a headless storefront, Mobiecom connects to a number of popular commerce platforms by using REST APIs (“Representational State Transfer”) including HCL Commerce (WebSphere Commerce), Adobe Magento 2, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) and more platforms are being added. The beauty of REST APIs is in the flexibility of the storefront to mix and match microservices from a number of best of breeds to suit the business needs.

  • No friction with customer acquisition

    Unlike native app, there is no need for users to download or install Mobiecom PWA. It is so easy for users to use the application seamlessly, from desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

  • Isomorphic Rendering and Deep-Linking

    Mobiecom solves the SEO/SEM challenge with isomorphic rendering and deep linking such that any page can be discovered and indexed by search engines.


Better customer experience means better business.

  • High conversion rate

    With lightning-fast web pages, you can start delivering the best customer experience to your shoppers with fascinating storytelling, a beautiful assortment of products and best of all, take them down a frictionless check-out path that makes shopping a breeze. Your conversion rate will soar through the roof.

  • More customers

    Turn interested browsers into customers by removing barriers preventing consumers from viewing shopping sites, buying products and checking out. Nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds.

  • Improved SEO/SEM

    Mobiecom will help you to stay on top of your SEO/SEM game. With fierce competition for consumer eyeballs, you can rely on our organic search and switch your focus on optimizing your paid advertising campaign.

  • Better ROI

    With Mobiecom, your storefront is no longer tied to a single platform. Instead, you will have a whole new world of REST APIs and microservices to power your storefront, from CMS to Search, to Commerce back-ends, OMS and ERPs. Pick your best of breed services, try it out, launch, measure the ROI, and repeat.

  • Speed-to-market

    With the front-end separated from the back-end, the UI developers are now free to make changes to the Mobiecom PWA as often as the business requires. Time to market can be quickly reduced to support a nimble and agile business team.

“Mobiecom has led to a decrease in shopping cart abandonment and an increase in sales. We’re also seeing an increase in our professional demographic, as well as DIY weekend warriors who appreciate good quality gardening tools. People who weren’t finding us before, are finding us now.”
Keith McCormick, President of the Bishop Company

Faster loading times increases conversion rate for Bishop Company

Primarily a mail-order company, The Bishop Company first started selling their products online in 2001. Understanding the competitive nature of the online shopping environment (think Amazon) and the need for mobile optimization, Keith decided to give his online storefront a major boost with Mobiecom, a mobile-first, blazing-fast online storefront which operates on both IBM Cloud and Amazon Cloud Services, powered by IBM Commerce back-end. The result:

Mobile sessions up 1,206%

Conversion rate up 3.86%

Return on investment 163%


How to Future-Proof your Commerce Store, while Boosting Conversions

In this whitepaper, we will explore the key elements to protecting your
Commerce investment including:

  • A deep dive into mobile commerce trends
  • A brief recap of the changes to WebSphere Commerce and the
    introduction of Commerce on Cloud
  • Key actions you can take today to capture more sales, while protecting your

Take the mobile speed test

We study each retailers’ business, assess where they are on the speed spectrum, and figure out where shoppers drop off. Most of our clients suffer from slow PLP (Product List Page) and PDP (Product Detail Page) due to the sheer amount of data transferred back and forth from the server. We have solved these performance problems with Mobiecom.

Armed with this knowledge, we could safely predict that new revenue will be generated by a boost in conversion rate, and a decrease in abandonment and bounce rates, all using industry-standard metrics.