IBM’s Holiday Benchmark Reports

  • Thanksgiving sales increased 19.7% v.s. 2012 as retailers continue to open shop earlier each year
  • Black Friday sales increased 18.9% v.s. 2012
  • Cyber Monday sales increased 20.6% v.s. 2012
  • Mobile sales surged to account for 25.8% of total sales for Thanksgiving and 21.8% for Black Friday (43% increase year over year)
  • iOS sales accounted for 18.1% of all online sales compared to androids 3.5%
  • Largest market for online sales on Black Friday were NYC, LA, and ATL
  • Largest market for online sales on Cyber Monday were NYC, DC, and LA
  • Department stores had the highest growth rate year over year with 61.4% for Black Friday and up 70.3% on Cyber Monday
  • Sales peaked around 7:25pm PST on Thanksgiving as stores began early promotions
  • Sales peaked at 9:05am pst on Black Friday

Source: Ringing in the Holiday Cheer with IBM’s Holiday Benchmark Reports