B2B eCommerce Development and Consulting Solutions

More and more B2B businesses are bringing their brands to life with a modern eCommerce user experience. Zobrist will help you connect to your target audience with a mobile, responsive and fast-loading website complete with personal content AND the business tools for inventory management, fulfillment, ERP and more to streamline your back-office operations. Multiple payment options, multiple languages and upsell offers are just a few of the integrations we offer.

Our integrated solutions enable companies to develop and grow their digital commerce presence, compete for market share at a global level and increase revenue. Automation is the key — rather than managing orders, reps have the freedom to manage relationships with their customers. This freedom from manual processes cuts lengthy shipping and delivery schedules and improves customer satisfaction.


B2B business types that we serve include

  • Manufacturing

    For manufacturers of parts and supplies that keep business moving forward, Zobrist can create elegant B2B online ordering platforms to serve your customers.

  • Automotive

    Our clients in B2B automotive display hundreds of repair and replacement parts plus after-market parts to their online customers, for quick selection and service.

  • Healthcare

    For hospitals, dentists, and medical providers, our client’s hire Zobrist to built full-service eCommerce procurement solutions that serve their B2B clients.

  • Food Suppliers

    For restaurant, market, and food services suppliers, Zobrist builds easy to use eCommerce marketplaces for your B2B customers wanting to place online orders.

  • Office Supply

    Office supply manufacturers and distributors provide thousands of product SKUs in one place. Let Zobrist build an eCommerce solution that can support it all.

  • Electronics

    B2B eCommerce for electronics means your customers need access to potentially thousands of individual parts and components, in one elegant interface.

eCommerce Technologies

We support the leading eCommerce technology platforms

  • HCL

    HCL Commerce is a software platform framework for eCommerce, including marketing, sales, customer and order processing functionality in a tailorable, integrated package.

  • Elastic Path

    The pioneer of headless commerce, Elastic Path empowers organizations to create unified commerce experiences across channels, devices and business models on a single platform.

  • Salesforce

    With Salesforce B2B, you can offer simple self-service online buying to give your customers the same easy, consumer-like shopping experiences they enjoy in their personal life – anytime, anywhere, on any device. Special features are available such as fast reorders, account hierarchies, contract pricing, and custom catalogs.

  • Adobe Magento

    With a user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop capabilities, and in-line editing, Magento helps you create experiences that integrate seamlessly on mobile, social, or in-store, and that don’t require IT support.

We develop managed eCommerce shopping experiences with the latest commerce, analytics, and payment technologies

Technologies that Zobrist works with