Top Five Tips for Using Email Marketing to Generate New Customers.

You most likely have a solid plan in place for emailing your existing customers or subscribers, you know their purchase history and their interests, and they’re likely to return and purchase again. But, when it comes to contacting new customers, email marketing can be trickier, so we’ve put together our top five points to keep in mind.

1) Take the long view

Using email marketing to generate new customers for your e-commerce site requires an investment of money and time. Keep in mind that your initial investment may not be covered from a new customer’s first order. Consider the lifetime value of average customer and plan for future revenue that can be generated from repeat purchases and referrals.

2) New customers will not behave same as existing customers.

They may browse your site looking at different products, comparing them with others on competitor ssites and will spend more time reading reviews. On other hand, existing customers are more familiar with your site and products and are more likely to come directly from a marketing email and place an order.

3)  Do your research

Look at the effectiveness of your past campaigns and data points such as quality of and engagement with content, subject line and time of email campaign during the year according to festival or special occasions. Use that knowledge to create email campaigns targeted at new customers.

4) Build on success

Once you have identified that what your customer likes in email campaign and what works effectively, build on it. Continue watching performance and test new strategies to see if you can continue to improve email marketing performance incrementally.

5) Develop a follow up strategy

New customers usually do more comparison shopping and exploring of your site. They are more likely to leave the session before completing the purchase. build a strategy to follow up with them by sending emails such as abandoned cart reminders and new product arrivals.

Source : Using Email Marketing to Generate New Customers