WebSphere Commerce Build and Deploy (WCBD) for WebSphere Commerce V7

WebSphere Commerce Build and Deploy (WCBD) is the first tool to be developed by the WebSphere Commerce development team that addresses the build and deployment aspect of a WebSphere Commerce customization project. The tool is aims to provide a standardized, ANTbased, build and deployment framework that is available to IBMers as well as business partners and customers. It is designed based on the best practices documented in the WebSphere Commerce Information Center. WCBD is designed to satisfy most typical build and deployment needs, leaving only few configuration steps for a quick startup. When needs differ from the standard implementation, the framework scripts can be customized.

IBM Management Center Enhancements for WebSphere Commerce V7

Business user tool enhancements include the marketing dialog builder for creating and managing marketing and merchandising dialog activities with shoppers over time. Other enhancements include support for dynamically managing customer segments; as well as managing content, e-marketing spots and sales catalog in an extended sites model. The Promotions user interface has also been enhanced; and promotions based on catalog attributes, payment method, choice of free gift and others have been added.

WC 7 Web 2.0 Starter Stores (Madisons B2C & Elite B2B)

WebSphere Commerce focuses on improving the customer shopping experience with a Web 2.0 Starter Store, which provides an out-of-the-box customizable storefront to get your online site up quickly. The Web 2.0 Starter Store enhances site performance, streamlines the checkout process and reduces the customization cost of the web storefront with the use of Cascading Style Sheets and enhanced Web 2.0 widgets such as: Product Fast Finder, Quick Product Info, Mini Shopping Cart, drag and drop of page objects and more.

WebSphere Commerce V7 Efficient Data Load

New Dataload Tool, To Replace Massload.

Data load means to load the data from external data sources to WebSphere Commerce database. There are typically two scenarios for data loading: initial load and delta load. Initial data loading is the first time you load the data into the database. Usually large amount of data is involved during this loading. Delta load is used for data insert, update and delete. Delta load can happen daily or weekly.

A new data load solution is provided in the WebSphere Commerce version 7. The main purpose of this solution is to reduce the total cost of the loading custom data.

WebSphere Commerce V7 Social Commerce – Part II: Architecture and Programming Model

In the last article is about overview of Social Commerce. In the entry, our goals is to share  the basic configuration steps to configure social commerce.

Architecture Diagram

  • Social commerce not part of WC EAR, provided separately by sMash
  • Rendered Store Page with Catalog Content – provided by WC as HTML
  • Static Social Content for Search Engines – viewable in <noscript>, ie: with Javascript turned off
    • WC JSPs will access content directly from sMash
    • gets cached with JSP
  • Social Content Widget – provided by sMash, talk to sMash using HTTP + JSON
  • Separated widgets from service providers

WebSphere Commerce V7 Social Commerce – Part I: Overview

Social commerce capabilities enable online stores to support product ratings and reviews via integration with BazaarVoice, blogs, photo galleries, and user profiles via integration with IBM Lotus® Connections and Pluck Sitelife. These integrations are provided in a vendor-agnostic manner using WebSphere sMash applications, provided with WebSphere Commerce.

WebSphere Commerce V7 Mobile Commerce

With the increased use of mobile devices and technology, WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 enables smart phones as new customer touch points for browsing the online store, conducting side-by-side product comparisons, receiving marketing messages, promotion codes, store location information, inventory availability, and completing transactions. The mobile store model provides out-of-the-box support for smart phones allowing companies to quickly adopt mobile as a new channel for doing business; while seamlessly leveraging the power of the Cross-Channel Precision Marketing Engine in this new customer touch point.

WebSphere Commerce V7 Multi-Channel Precision Marketing Overview

Multi-channel precision marketing is an integrated solution to handle on-going dialogs with customers, over time, across channels as customers’ behaviors change. By presenting targeted offers and customized promotions at the individual shopper level, WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 enables companies to design and fine tune on-line shopping flows, content and e-marketing messages that resonate with the target audience, and help to make the brand stand out over the competition.

IBM Announcing WebSphere Commerce V7.0

IBM announced the release of IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0. WebSphere Commerce V7.0 delivers a customer-centric, cross-channel solution with exci...

Coremetrics October 2009 Release Notes

In the past two years, Coremetrics has developed a suite of marketing applications to complement its industry-leading Web Analytics solution.  These applications address specific business concerns such as multi-channel analytics, benchmarking, search marketing, and targeted advertising.  Yet, there is a need to preserve an integrated platform, in order to address a few glaring challenges.  How could the solution separate business concerns, while providing users with the ability to leverage one application’s features within another?  How could the solution improve workflow within and across the different applications?  Hence, the theme of the Coremetrics October 2009 release: “Interoperability across the Platform”.