Summer is Almost at an End so Here are Five Ways to Boost Conversion

  1. Filters. Make sure your filters/refinements are clearly visible so your shopper can find exactly what they need in as little effort as possible.
  2. Cross-selling over Discounting. If your shopper is already going to purchase, don’t throw away discounts. Instead, offer discounts if she buys something else to go with her purchase.
  3. Make your Wish List prominent. Let shoppers save their items for a later purchase date. It helps shoppers not only compare items, but reminds them they have something left in their cart when returning to your site.
  4. Use a Welcome Message. Utilize friendly advertising. Welcome your shoppers to your site, but also tell them why they should shop with you and anything else you can advertise to entice a sale.
  5. Marketing Campaigns. Increase customer engagement and customer retention. For example, use daily deals, or customize your email campaigns for summer specials. However, do change up your message. Don’t send the same message over and over to your customers or else they will get bored with your site and might not return.

All in all, your goal is to optimize online sales to understand your customer. Remember the power of the consumer in this new digital age. Smarter Commerce for the Smarter Consumer.

Source: Five ways to boost conversions this summer