5 Things To Know About Commerce Analytics

  1. Customer satisfaction is very important: it’s all about engaging your customers as individuals. Analytics gives the ability to respond to customers with relevance and immediacy to respond to customers’ needs.
  2. Sellers want to provide customers with the best of mom and pop shops: personalized service keeps customers happy and returning. Leveraging analytic data allows retailers to know better each customer to deliver this personalized experience.
  3. Commerce has four key domains: buy (procuring of goods and supplies efficiently and effectively), market (communicate the value of a product or service to customers with intent of sell), sell (ability to shop for and ultimately purchase products and services), and service (provide high quality customer service that makes customers happy).
  4. IBM has solutions that cover the commerce domains: IBM Smarter Commerce. Click the link to learn more how we can help you.
  5. The IBM Smarter Commerce solutions include and integrate with analytics.

Source: IBM developerWorks: 5 Things To Know About Analytics in the World of Commerce