What Mobile Shoppers are Buying

comScore Inc. recently released a report breaking down online shopping by category by device. This lets us see what exactly mobile shoppers are buying.

The following is ordered by category, and the percent purchased from each device ordered by laptops/desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

  • Event tickets, 84.6%, 10.9%, 4.5%.
  • Apparel and accessories, 90.3%, 6.2%, 3.5%.
  • Consumer electronics, 94.4%, 2.6%, 2.9%.
  • Computer hardware, 94.5%, 3.3%, 2.1%.
  • Consumer packaged goods, 95.6%, 3.0%, 1.3%.

90.4% of all online sales came from laptops and desktops. This was followed by 6% with smartphones and 3.5% with tablets (ignore this addition not equaling 100% due to rounding). With mobile sales hitting $10.6B in the first half of 2013, this trend of mobile shopping is continuing to grow. If you are a retailer in one of those categories above, you better have a great mobile strategy. If you’re not in one of those categories, time to figure out how to get your category to break into one of the top mobile purchasing groups!

Source: comScore breaks out mobile sales by product category