Leveraging a Headless Storefront: Headless Needs a Head! Video Series, Part 3

In this video, CEO, Teresa Zobrist discusses how to leverage a headless storefront and Mobiecom, after all, headless needs a head! WebSphere Commerce needs a head and Mobiecom is the head. Learn how to leverage Mobiecom for headless capability and the beauty of Rest APIs.

What's Covered?


The onboarding process takes only 6-8 weeks for catalog layout, styling, integration and cloud infrastructure. And one of the best features is that there are no future migrations needed because Mobiecom is built for the modern architecture.

Flexibility and Scaling

Mobiecom can be pointed to any version of WebSphere Commerce, including IDC and you can preserve your user experience. Does your company need to migrate from Version 7 (support is ending in 2020), to either Version 8 or 9? Teresa explains the pros and cons of both options and the differences between them. Also learn what the new and latest releases include and how easy it is to implement them with Mobiecom.

Is Mobiecom the right solution for you?

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