API Driven eCommerce: Video Series, Part 2

How did The Bishop Company achieve a 163% Return on Investment? Check out this 11 minute video featuring CEO of Zobrist Software Group, Teresa Zobrist. She shares on how technology was used as a means to an end to help her customer achieve the wonderful ROI. Numbers speak louder than words so let’s dig into the performance numbers of Bishop’s digital transformation. Here’s what’s covered on the video

What's Covered?

  • Side by side speed comparison video SPA vs. MPA
  • Intro to Mobiecom, the world first Single Page Application for WebSphere Commerce
  • Performance metrics on bishco.com, The Bishop Company website
  • Demo of Mobiecom running on WC V8, V9 and IDC
  • How to quickly change Department Page Layout on IDC


As business decision makers, it’s time to back-up your decisions with return on investment numbers. We would love to share our experience with you on your ecommerce journey – click the button below to schedule a meeting with Teresa Zobrist.

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