User Group: Smart Merchandiser demo – February 11, 2020

Thank you to HCL for hosting us at the Virtual User Group!

In case you missed it, or you can’t get enough, here’s the replay below.

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Zobrist Offer

Zobrist Sofware Group is offering a 30 Day Free Trial of Smart Merchandiser which includes all of the set-up and onboarding, representing a $5,000 value. The monthly subscription starts after 30 days and you can cancel any time. To learn more, please contact Eric Cheng at

Original event posting:

Join us on February 11 at 1 pm EST to see a live demo of the Smart Merchandiser capability!

About this Event

User Group Session Audience: Ideal for merchandisers and business users

Introduction: Merchandising for the website is challenging and time consuming for merchandisers who have to manage large amounts of data such as product, color, size, and inventory as well as being aware of analytics and social media data.

Smart Merchandiser is a perfect companion to Management Center to help you VISUALLY manage your catalog with:

  • Preview how your products look on the website
  • Drag-and-drop products, sort them by KPIs, sort them by business rules and push the sequence live
  • Drag-and-drop color swatches
  • Overlay analytics on each thumbnail to see sales, items sold, conversion rate, abandonment rate and more for each product
  • Set business rules to automate daily sequencing tasks

Join us for a 30-minute demo: How Smart Merchandiser can boost your merchandisers’ productivity by 70% and impact your online revenue by 20%.

Smart Merchandiser Testimonials

“Love the Analytics Overlay, and to be able to delete from multiple categories at once” – Heather, Timberland

“Most Valuable for me…The ability to click and drag or click and move to remerchandise the page” – Lisa, Lee

“Inventory representation in a visual format. Also being able to set different default colors by style per page” – Amanda, Wrangler