Top 3 Ways to Decrease Website Abandonment Rate with Smart Merchandiser

Cyber Week is less than 140 days away and are you ready for those huge sales goals? This has been an incredible difficult year to make website improvements. Is your team worried about comping last year’s online revenue with a smaller workforce and no enhancements?

We have good news! With Smart Merchandiser’s data driven visual merchandising tool you can crush your sales goals by decreasing your website’s abandonment rate. Here are the top three ways Smart Merchandiser will provide a surprise and delight experience to your customer.

  1. Catalog Page Leading Color Management:

    • Set the Product Detail Page landing color from any Category Page. Are you breaking out each color of a product on the Catalog page? No problem, you can have the Product Detail Page color selection match every catalog page thumbnail.
  2. Automate the Removal of Out of Stock Products:

    • Spending hours going through your production site and order management systems to determine products that are out of stock and then manually removing? With Smart Merchandiser’s automated business rules you can schedule the removal of out of stock products and let it run daily.
  3. Poorly Reviewed Products Sequenced too High:

    • With the Social Media and Customer Review Overlay, you can see the customer reviews, review ratings, and social media info right on the product thumbnail as you merchandise your catalog page. No more merchandising then checking to see a high sequenced item with a poor customer rating. You can also automate this with our Business Rules.


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