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Zobrist Smart Merchandiser named in the 2020 Gartner 10 Things Covid-19 Will Change in Digital Commerce

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Woodland Hills, CA, September 17, 2020 /PR Newswire – According to the Gartner’s 10 Things Covid-19 Will Change in Digital Commerce,  “COVID-19 has changed consumer’s buying behavior and accelerated digital investment for many organizations.” Smart Merchandiser, a visual merchandising tool from Zobrist Software Group, Inc., was recognized in the Configurable Business Experience section report. 

The key findings from the Gartner  research include that “despite revenue shocks, organizations are increasing investment in digital channels and technologies. This will help to mitigate revenue impacts, retain customers and adapt product offerings for the post-pandemic world” and  “the 10 areas where changes will be sustained are: contactless commerce, visual configuration, live commerce, experience commerce, B2B consumerization, lights-off commerce, enterprise marketplace, unified commerce, modular architecture and configurable business experience.”  

The report provides “configurable business experience enables business users to construct the platform experience to their needs without involving IT, so they can increase efficiency in commerce operations. Historically, business users in sales, marketing, merchandising or customer service had to endure the limitations of the administration UI/UX defined by the commerce platform, with little flexibility to configure it. COVID-19 has made this an acute pain point. Companies need to be able to make quick changes to policies or workflows such as in pricing, availability and delivery to respond to customer needs. The ability to enable business users to make such changes without involving IT will be critical to achieving agility in the post-pandemic world, and to ensuring success in digital commerce.”

“I am honored to be recognized by Gartner in this report. I believe this is a validation for our efforts on bringing attention to the shortcomings of digital merchandising. Management has no idea how painful and tedious merchandising is for online. It’s time to make your merchandisers 70% more productive and raise your bottom line by 20% with Smart Merchandiser” said, Teresa Zobrist, CEO of Zobrist Software.

Smart Merchandiser had won numerous awards from IBM, including the Beacon Award and the Impact Best of Show in Retail. Smart Merchandiser is available as a SaaS product and will add value to any organization looking to improve the efficiency of their merchandising operation with a perfect combination of man-machine interaction and automation of business rules. 

Gartner “10 Things COVID-19 Will Change in Digital Commerce,” Sandy Shen, et al, 28 August 2020 (Gartner subscription required) 

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