Ready to Solve 3 Business Manager Pain Points?

With Business Manager, the task of adding and removing products takes too long! There is a better way. With Smart Merchandiser, you can complete this task in seconds not hours! Check it out below!

Business Manager Challenges

How Smart Merchandiser Solves it

Out-of-Stock and Broken Pages

In Business Manager, it takes hours to research products that are sold out but still remaining on your website. No way to know if products have broken inventory without checking production site.

With Smart Merchandiser, you can visually inspect products with no inventory and move them below the fold. In two clicks, you can remove products from your production site. Want to remove out of stock product automatically? No problem. With advanced business rules, set it and let it run automatically on schedule.

Trouble getting to Analytics for your Products

Having no KPI analytics in Business Manager means spending hours looking for data in your web analytics console. And product performance is a guessing game. Time spent researching analytics means time wasted and less time dedicated to understand the customer journey.

Smart Merchandiser’s Analytics Overlay™brings in analytics data and allows you to sort by important KPIs such as views, conversion rate, abandonment rate etc. In addition, you no longer have to access ten other applications for inventory, social sentiments and customer reviews. They are all available for you in our overlays. Less frustration and more merchandising efficiency!

Shortcomings of color management

Most systems cannot manage color including Business Manager. Does it take too long to set the leading color on your category page? Do you need a developers help in order to reorganize your color swatches?

With Leading Color functionality, you no longer need to beg IT to set different colors for a product in different categories. With a single click, you can easily set the leading color for the product. And we extend the same drag-drop capability to color swatches on your product page.

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