WC 7 Web 2.0 Starter Stores (Madisons B2C & Elite B2B)

WebSphere Commerce focuses on improving the customer shopping experience with a Web 2.0 Starter Store, which provides an out-of-the-box customizable storefront to get your online site up quickly. The Web 2.0 Starter Store enhances site performance, streamlines the checkout process and reduces the customization cost of the web storefront with the use of Cascading Style Sheets and enhanced Web 2.0 widgets such as: Product Fast Finder, Quick Product Info, Mini Shopping Cart, drag and drop of page objects and more.

Madisons B2C Store

  • Upgraded to Dojo 1.3.1
  • Store locator
    • Stores represented as different fulfillment center in order item, no shipping address needed, obviously
  • Distributed Order Management
    • Inbound, Outbound order services
    • Part of multi channel solution
  • New store selection page in checkout process ( for order on-line or pick up in store)
  • New tag lib for SEO URLs
  • Change flow options:
    • Product Quick Info
    • Ajax add to shopping cart
    • Ajax checkout
    • Ajax My Account
    • Product drag and drop
  • Attribute dictionary still not supported

Elite B2B Store

  • Pain points of old B2B starter store
    • Different JSPs for common features in each starter store
    • Table based for layout & positioning
    • HTTP to HTTPS cannot switch back to HTTP
  • Elite starter store introduction
    • Madisons starter store code base + B2B business features
  • Features supported in code base
    • Full accessibility support
    • SEO URLs
  • Features added on the code base
    • Requisition List
      • Periodic re-order (Place Order from requisition list screen)
      • Types: private, shared (members of same org can view/modify/order from)
      • Not based on customer history, needs to be manually maintained
    • Organization participant
      • Can select organization to order for, and also select (multiple) contracts to use for shopping
    • Saved orders
      • Create an order
      • Add to requisition list
      • Save order
      • Copy selected order
      • Cancel selected order
      • Set as Current Order
    • Scheduled orders
      • Schedule during checkout
      • Cancel from My Orders page
    • Contract based pricing
      • Select contract in PDP (shows price for each contract)
      • Can also select contract in shopping cart
    • Contract filtering
      • Filter catalog contents
      • shipping / billing
  • Features not in the V6 B2B starter store
    • Basically, features carried in from Madisons: Quick View, Fast Finder, Scrolling e-Spots (horrible performance, do not use), etc.
      • My Account features:
        • Requisition list
        • My Orders
    • Edit product attributes in shopping cart (also in Madisons)
  • Elite Starter store limitations
    • Features not included: RFQ, Auctions, Customer care, Collaborative workspaces
    • Social Commerce and Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS) not support

Stay tuned for the next topic – IBM Management Center Enhancements

The business user tool offers a marketing dialog activity builder for building and managing marketing and merchandising dialogue activity (using trigger events and actions) with the shopper. Other enhancements include support for dynamically managing customer segments, as well as managing content, and e-marketing spots, and sales catalog in an extended sites model.