Profit Driving Merchandising Tips, Part 3

Presenting products in the right way can have a significant impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and brand perceptions. For apparel and shoe retailers, one of the most important components of this presentation is color. Featuring popular colors and organizing color swatches can have a major impact on customer click-through rates and ultimately sales.

Color Placement Affects Sales

85% of customers say color is a primary reason why they buy particular products. Clearly color is a major factor in product sales, and companies must carefully choose which colors they use to represent specific products. In order to make effective choices in this area, companies must have detailed breakdowns of conversion rates and sales by color, and be able to easily switch out featured swatches and images in order to match the most popular colors. This allows them to capitalize on trends and improve their click-through and conversion rates.

Pay Attention to Inventory

Color management is also a critical part of inventory management. Although there might be available stock for an item, that stock might only be available in specific colors. Using an out-of-stock color as the primary product image can result in missed sales and unsatisfied customers. Businesses need an easy way to quickly identify out-of-stock colors and make adjustments to the site as needed.

Effective online merchandising is a core function of any eCommerce enterprise. Hitting sales targets, improving year over year, and outmatching the competition are all dependent on how effectively a company merchandises and acts on data. Selecting the right products to feature above the fold, organizing them by preferred colors, and using analytics, social media, and user reviews to make better decisions is extremely important to drive sales and increase market share. Creating a user-friendly, data-driven site is crucial to success as the eCommerce sphere becomes more competitive. Unfortunately, many merchandisers and eCommerce VPs are overwhelmed by these tasks and don’t have a simple way to act on data effectively. The information in this guide provides a roadmap to merchandising success, but it’s still up to the retailer to actually act on it.

How Smart Merchandiser Can Help

Easy to use tool that enables eCommerce companies merchandising freedom

Smart Merchandiser is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that enables eCommerce companies to more easily implement effective merchandising on their site. It provides a point-and-click catalog, color, attribute, and inventory management. It also features integrated analytics, with the ability to program customized automation based on real-world data and social media awareness to provide insight into the latest trends. This allows companies to increase conversion rates by as much as 20% while simultaneously improving productivity by as much as 70%.

Key Features

  • Highly visual interface – Unlike many other solutions, Smart Merchandiser is built with a highly visual UI that integrates analytics with thumbnails, allowing users to make fast decisions about which products to feature. Simple drag and drop tools also allow users to easily rearrange products.
  • Social Media Awareness – Smart Merchandiser allows users to easily monitor Facebook likes, Twitter mentions, and ratings and reviews of each product.
  • Attribute and Color Management – Easily add, remove, and manage colors, materials, and other key attributes with the click of a button.
  • Inventory Management – Oversee and optimize inventory levels in the online storefront and across channels.
  • Catalog management – Sequence, copy, add and remove items through a simple, intuitive interface.
  • Advanced business rules – Optimize your category pages automatically with our sequencing rules. Combine multiple rules around conversion rate, sales, inventory and more to ensure for precise online merchandising.
  • Heat Map – The Heat Map feature gives you a visual map of which products are selling on fire, and which ones are not so hot. It also enables you to move the HOT products to the top, etc.

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