Interact With Your Twitter Followers

It’s not enough to just collect followers. Eventually, they will get bored with you and either ignore your posts or just stop following you altogether. The goal is to keep them engaged and interested in your feed.

1) Follow relevant users. For instance, Zobrist follows a bunch of IBM Twitter accounts as its relevant to our business. However, we are not following random industries unrelated to ours.

2) Tweet content of interest to your followers. We’re in the E-Commerce industry. Therefore, most of our tweets relate to this industry. We are not tweeting unrelated national news.

3) Respond to your follows in a reasonable timeframe. Doing so shows you value your followers. Don’t be afraid to do it publicly as well in an @tweet. It will show other users how you are as a company and the value you place on your customers. But when necessary, feel free to direct message as well.

4) Tweet fun things. Share some fun facts or great ideas you may have. It can help get your followers discuss and retweet your posts.

5) Participate in #FollowFriday. Reward followers that participate with your brand often. This appreciation will gain you more followers and more interaction.

Source: Stop Collecting And Start Engaging With Your Twitter Followers