eCommerce Think 2019 Recap

IBM’s illustrious technology extravaganza, Think 2019, wrapped up in San Francisco. IBM representatives, partners, and customers from all around the world were in attendance for the week long event that was filled with networking, learning, and laying out the red carpet for new and developing services and products. The event covered a wide variety of business technology, but there was definitely a larger spotlight on three main focuses: Data, AI, and Blockchain. The three topics were the center of attention at a number of the breakout sessions, which allowed the opportunity for IBM technology heads, customers, and partners to share their stories and experiences about the platforms and services.

Data Lake

In one of the sessions, Thomas Lucey of ANZ Bank shared his experience with Data, by discussing the advantages of Data Lake and Data River Mastering, as the Bank strives to develop new growth strategies. From their perspective, business growth is extremely reflective upon customer experience and companies should take a look at their businesses from an “outside looking in” viewpoint to heighten clients’ experiences and deliver continuous value.

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Blockchain / AI

With Blockchain gaining greater interest and utilization over the past year, many attendees were interested to learn more about the technology and how they could apply it to their business strategies. Eileen Lowry, of IBM Blockchain Labs, explained that although Blockchain isn’t the answer to everything, it can have a positive impact for companies in this digital age, and she provided best practices for selecting Blockchain use cases and running Blockchain projects. John Boyer of IBM touched on how the company’s approach in scaling machine learning models and AI-driven solutions is impacting enterprises, and discussed how companies are able to achieve these milestones with the use of IBM Watson Cloud and Platform Data and AI services.

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Mobile continues to be the big story in eCommerce. And with the recent news of IBM selling Websphere Commerce, many WCS customers are wondering what to do: should they go to a different platform, or migrate to V9. Teresa Zobrist of Zobrist Consulting Group presented a session called, Mobiecom: A Success Story of a Storefront Going Headless! Teresa shared how The Bishop Company, was able to leverage a headless storefront which resulted in increased speed but more importantly ROI!

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Video: What is Mobiecom?

Video: Mobiecom Speed Comparison

For WCS customers who are concerned about migrating to V9, Zobrist can provide a roadmap for the migration, AND as a bonus, you get Mobiecom as your new mobile-first online storefront. For more details and a demo, contact us at You can also check out our 90 Day RoadMap for Success here.