Coremetrics October 2009 Release Notes

In the past two years, Coremetrics has developed a suite of marketing applications to complement its industry-leading Web Analytics solution.  These applications address specific business concerns such as multi-channel analytics, benchmarking, search marketing, and targeted advertising.  Yet, there is a need to preserve an integrated platform, in order to address a few glaring challenges.  How could the solution separate business concerns, while providing users with the ability to leverage one application’s features within another?  How could the solution improve workflow within and across the different applications?  Hence, the theme of the Coremetrics October 2009 release: “Interoperability across the Platform”.

What’s New

Explore V5 (Ad-hoc reporting)

  • Registration Module: augments customer activity and behavioral data with registration information collected outside the website. Coremetrics uses registration mapping logic to tie offline customer behaviors to their online profile
  • Visitor Retargeting: Explore facilitates the ability to retarget customers associated with selected rows in a report
  • Multi-channel Analytics Module: aggregates online and offline transaction data. Using this module, users can:
    • Quantify the impact of online marketing initiatives on offline transactions, and therefore understand cross-channel influences
    • Aggregate online and offline information. This will reduce TCO by eliminating the costs associated with building an internal multichannel warehouse
    • Understand what attributes make customers ideal multi-channel customers

Import V2 (Data upload)

  • Multi-channel Solution: Import now includes a multi-channel solution allowing clients to import offline transaction data. The offline data is merged with online data collected via Coremetrics Web Analytics.

Benchmark V2 (Real-time comparison across peers)

  • Enhanced Rankings: displays quartile rankings in addition to percentile rankings to help users better understand their site’s performance
  • Longer Time Horizon: extended data retention period of 25 months, up from 13 months
  • Improved Data Access: users can access data offline using the enhanced download capability

Intelligent Offer V5 (Dynamic and personalized product recommendations)

  • Recommendation Exposure: Intelligent Offer now supports home page recommendations, in addition to the traditional product and shopping cart recommendations. The new solution allows the merchandiser to specify the key categories of products to be represented on the home page.
  • Intra-day Controls/Item Blacklist: business managers can remove or cancel non-performing A/B tests or product recommendations, or add new ones, and have the changes reflected on the site within an hour

Search V8 (PPC advertising management application)

  • Keyword Expansion: Coremetrics mines natural search, paid search queries, and on-site search terms to identify high performing searches that are not currently part of the client’s paid search keyword program
  • Visitor Retargeting: users can generate reports for use in retargeting visitors via display ads, direct mail or email
  • Campaign Cloning: users can easily replicate a campaign. For example, the user can select a Google campaign and clone it to Yahoo, and still have the ability to make adjustments
  • Campaign Visibility: business managers can use email scheduling to send out campaign reports to specific individuals or business teams

Enterprise Dashboard V2 (Visual representation of multiple sites properties)

  • Broader Data Analysis: allows the user to include more clientIDs for comparison. Organizations with multiple brands would like to see metrics for all these brands in aggregate
  • Longer Time Horizon: retains 25 months of historical data, up from 13 months


Future Enhancements


Currently, the multi-channel solution only supports purchase transaction types. Coremetrics plans to add return and cancellation transaction types in a future release.