Practical Advice on Leveraging WebSphere Commerce’s All-New jQuery Aurora Store

The All-New jQuery Aurora starter store opens up many new possibilities for customizing the user experience in many ways that will improve your site’s conversion rate.

Removing the Dojo Challenges!

Aurora is now a viable option for many who have been holding off on upgrading to the latest from IBM due to past difficulties dealing with Dojo and the UI in general. You can find more UI developers to maintain and develop customizations for your store. Plus, adding 3rd party plug-ins will be just a cinch since it is much easier.

Increase Conversion Rate by being Truly Responsive!

Aurora is now completely responsive, which means those who have not had any mobile experience for their storefront can quickly start realizing increased sales from mobile devices by upgrading.

Leverage the jQuery Ecosystem for a Rich UI Experience!

Having the UI based on jQuery also means the vast ecosystem built up around it will be available too – everything from custom menus with carousels built in, to size chart pop-ups, to zoomable product viewers, and much much more!

Our Practical Advice – There is a Silver Lining!

If all of the above sounds exciting to you, your mind is probably racing to come up with a plan on how to leverage this new capability.
Do you have an OOTB site based on Aurora? Would it be a piece-meal or complete overhaul? The difference in UX between your existing site and the jQuery Aurora store would be jarring and unpleasant if rolling out section by section, leading to lost sales. You should do a complete migration and roll-out.
The good news is that the new jQuery Starter Store is better than ever and lowers the level of effort required.