Zobrist Presents at B2B Online Chicago: A Glimpse Into the Future of B2B Marketplace Commerce cover
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Zobrist Presents at B2B Online Chicago: A Glimpse Into the Future of B2B Marketplace Commerce

Zobrist will joining over 900 B2B industry leaders for this year’s B2B Online conference in Chicago, May 1-3. The three-day event will be held this year at the Chicago Marriott Downtown, will B2B marketplace industry leaders will converge and share innovative ideas and trends regarding digital, eCommerce, and omnichannel content.

With its return to The Windy City, B2B Online once again welcomes the industry’s top manufacturers and distributors, gathering and sharing valuable insights to help attendees provide the best customer experience (CX).

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During the May 2 session, Zobrist Software Group will sponsor a free craft beer-tasting session at 2:20 pm. At the tasting, CEO Teresa Zobrist will also discuss strategies for future-proofing eCommerce.

“We’re very much excited to share the stage with industry leaders for the upcoming B2B Online Chicago. Companies needing new strategies to keep up with ever-changing market trends would want to attend the Zobrist event,” she said. “At B2B Online Chicago, we’ll be very happy to share our disruptive ideas that can reshape brand marketing strategies.”

What Can You Expect to Learn from Zobrist’s B2B Marketplace Platform?

During the tasting, Teresa Zobrist will share insights on how a B2B marketplace platform can play a great part in future-proofing a company’s commerce strategy.

Using the Zobrist platform with HCL Commerce can help brands extend their reach to other markets and provide streamlined operations. Altogether, Zobrist helps brands quickly adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

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But it’s not just about the future—the platform can help right now too. We’ll also cover how companies can leverage eCommerce technology to drive growth and deliver value in the present.

From optimizing the use of sales channels, enhancing CX, and streamlining multi-vendor systems and eCommerce processes, businesses can take advantage of this B2B marketplace experience. The session will share the latest industry trends and technologies, including using mobile commerce, social commerce, and AI to provide a better customer experience.

While discussing larger trends, get ready for a deep dive into Zobrist’s array of solutions. Attendees will learn Zobrist’s software’s key features, including vendor relationship management, automated order processing, and real-time analytics.

Together, these solutions can bring down operational costs, improve efficiency, and provide performance insights in real-time.

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Ultimately, operational improvements lead to increased profitability. At the tasting, we’ll discuss how utilizing a single, integrated platform for managing orders, tracking inventory, and maintaining customer relationships will be a boon for your ROI.

Zobrist will highlight real-world experiences from popular brands that successfully leverage the platform—and the benefits they’ve seen since.

Future Proof Your Commerce Strategy with Zobrist

Now on our 2nd year as a proud sponsor for B2B Online, Zobrist remains committed to helping brands create improved customer experiences in the digital space.

Our expertise in product information management and headless architecture solutions helps some of the world’s leading brands maintain control over their digital storefronts—despite their extensively large catalogs.

B2B Online Chicago is the perfect opportunity for you and your marketing team to learn about hot new trends in the B2B marketplace. And we can’t wait to introduce you to all the ways Zobrist continues to lead the pack with innovation!

Visit the official B2B Online Chicago website for more details and instructions on how to register. As a lead sponsor, we offer a unique registration code to help you save on registration costs. During registration, enter the code B2B23SPNSR to enjoy a special 20% off the regular registration price.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!