Top 30 of 2022: Zobrist Software Group Recognized for Innovative Solutions
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Top 30 of 2022: Zobrist Software Group Recognized for Innovative Solutions

The Silicon Review recently released its list of the Top 30 Innovative Brands of 2022, and has included Zobrist Software Group among them. As 2022 dawns, businesses of every kind are facing the new realities of a global marketplace, with all the opportunities and challenges that implies. Zobrist’s digital commerce solutions are designed to help companies meet those challenges head-on.

Online shopping continues to dominate digital commerce, and systemic changes in the business world have only accelerated that trend. Consumers now routinely make purchases on their portable electronic devices, which can pose a challenge for businesses selling products online. Every time a viewer navigates a shopping site, hundreds of pages transfer back and forth from server to device. This can result in considerable lag time—which then results in frustrated customers and lost sales.

“Nobody likes a slow site,” President and CEO Teresa Zobrist says. “Mobiecom is designed to be the answer to slow website times.” It’s a single page application, designed to cache data on arrival and cut lag time down to an absolute minimum. B2B buyers hoping for quick results can launch within six weeks and immediately begin capitalizing on the results.

In her interview with The Silicon Review, Zobrist highlighted the six key features Mobiecom provides:

  • Mobile-specific design, created for phones and mobile devices for easy navigation and visual integration that’s appealing on any platform.
  • Fast loading, with a swift two-seconds-per-page loading speed for improved conversion rates and engaged customers.
  • A turn-key B2B eCommerce channel designed to be set up and deployed in just a few short weeks.
  • An integrated search engine with a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to find what they need without relying on specific keywords.
  • SEO optimization to take advantage of search engine algorithms, so customers can get to the products they need.
  • An ideal B2B user experience. Mobiecom offers digital commerce catalogs capable of hosting hundreds of thousands of customizable product pages.

Teresa Zobrist further supports her points with case studies from a number of partner companies. The Bishop Company, for example, does the bulk of its business via mail order. Many of their customers work outdoors, and wouldn’t place orders until returning to their offices or homes in the evening. Those hours passing between the realization of a need for a product and the chance to act resulted in lost sales. Mobiecom allowed The Bishop Company to engage their customers from their phones or similar devices out in the field. Easy navigation allowed customers to place orders right on the spot. In turn, The Bishop Company was able to ship same-day orders more often and decrease in abandoned digital shopping carts.

Teresa Zobrist also points to the company’s success with dental care innovator 3M Oral Care. After upgrading their site to provide an improved customer experience, 3M realized that better remote support would help distribute their innovations to customers. Zobrist was able to help improve their digital commerce without altering the programming of their site by streamlining their catalog structure—helping customers access and navigate the site more readily—and improving the indexing and search engine function, without disrupting the site’s core coding.

Zobrist Software Group aims to use the power of the internet to improve businesses’ bottom line. The global marketplace relies on digital commerce. While the internet wildly expands the breadth of potential markets, businesses have to step up their performance to take advantage. With over two decades of experience, Zobrist knows how eCommerce works—and, more importantly, how it can change unexpectedly. The company’s ability to grow and adapt has helped partners make the most of their eCommerce operations.

Zobrist has provided eCommerce storefronts to companies across industries and sizes, including the likes of Mazda, 3M, The North Face, and Vans. The solutions are designed to integrate with existing software ecosystems, so partners can make best use of existing assets while improving customers’ online experience. And with products like Mobiecom, the process is simple—getting businesses up and running within weeks.

Faster load times and ease of navigation streamline customer experiences, lowering abandoned sales and helping them find what they need. Upgraded features such as SEO optimization allow for improved search functions. And with a focus on mobile devices, Mobiecom gives customers access to partner shopping sites from anywhere at anytime. With 24-hour customer service and support and a customizable suite of features, Mobiecom meets clients’ digital needs where they are.

The Silicon Review has responded by naming Zobrist one of their Top 30 Innovative Brands of the Year. After twenty years, however, the company isn’t slowing down. Zobrist intends to keep moving forward, providing cutting-edge solutions to digital commerce challenges and giving their partners the ability to compete in an ever-changing business world.