Zobrist Software Group Inc. Introduces Mobiecom – A high performance mobile-first e-commerce storefront for IBM Digital Commerce

Zobrist Software Group Inc., the leading E-commerce Systems Integrator and Business Partner of IBM, announces today that it is launching Mobiecom, a mobile-first digital storefront designed for IBM Digital Commerce. It is a Single Page Application and super-fast on mobile devices.

Mobiecom turns window shoppers into customers as it removes barriers preventing consumers from viewing shopping sites, buying products and checking out, therefore improving conversion rate with enhanced performance and simplified checkout, especially for mobile shoppers.

Mobile Shopping Made Easy

Too often, online shoppers interested in products or services get turned away, or discouraged and bail when a retailer’s site is slow loading, hard to navigate, and the check-out is too complex and lengthy. With more and more customers beginning to shop online via their mobile phone, losing customers will continue to get worse if retailers don’t have an easy to use, responsive website.

Mobiecom addresses these challenges by providing a superior user experience, lightning-fast loading times, and a responsive design so mobile shoppers can easily navigate and quickly checkout of e-commerce websites. Unlike the out of the box IBM Digital Commerce UI, Mobiecom behaves like a mobile app and responds instantly to touch.

Teresa Zobrist, CEO of Zobrist Software Group Inc., saw the opportunity to develop an advanced storefront for IBM Digital Commerce and seized it. Mobiecom is lightweight and fast, yet offers all the functionalities of the IBM Aurora starter store. Zobrist advises that to future-proof a brand, retailers should look to decouple their storefront from the back-end, allowing the user experience to be fast, nimble, and quick-to-market. Any customer transitioning to IBM CoC (Commerce on Cloud) should take advantage of this new storefront as it is consistent with IBM strategy.

Why Mobile- First Design Matters

According to the CMO Council, mobile e-commerce will contribute 24.4% to the total revenue of the e-commerce sector by the end of 2017. Mobiecom provides the ultimate performance factor and mobile-first design to position retailers to capture this market share.

According to Keith McCormick, President of the Bishop Company and Zobrist customer for six years, he was shocked to see how fast Mobiecom is with its truly responsive website. McCormick looks forward to Mobiecom being able to serve his mobile customers who are typically roaming in the field, which should amplify sales for the holiday season.

Mobiecom is a cloud offering running on IBM Bluemix and can support any version of IBM Commerce. To learn more about it, please visit here: