Zobrist Announces Smart Merchandiser Software Now Available for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Get Ready for a Smarter, Faster Online Merchandising Tool.

Ever wondered why Television soundbars have become increasingly popular over the last decade? Your Television has sound, right? Well the answer is that simple out of box sound is good but we demand better.

This simple analogy is what Smart Merchandiser offers, it is designed by merchandisers for merchandisers to increase user productivity and increase website conversion.

Merchandisers, we heard you and there is a better option.

Is your team tired of spending long hours manually sequencing your catalog pages to support marketing campaigns? Feeling overwhelmed with analytics data? Frustrated with hunting inventory data for each color and size?

Smart Merchandiser is now available for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

With Smart Merchandiser everything you do is visual and at your fingertips. Demand automation? You got it with our smart business rules.

We heard loud and clear that your teams are small but mighty, let’s get more productive by analyzing data to creating business rules versus looking up product-IDs sell-through rate, merchandising can be visual and fun again.

Optimizing your storefront no longer requires complex tech and pages of cumbersome data. Smart Merchandiser is designed to optimize the sequence of your catalog to encourage higher sales. Merchandisers can experience a 70% increase in productivity & a 20% boost in revenue.

Join our other clients, like The North Face, Vans, Timberland, and Jansport for a better way to take control of your storefront.

Do you want to learn how you can turn up your productivity and website conversion to the max, give us a shout at or 877-962-7478 and let’s get started.