What’s Next for M-Commerce

We’re barely through the first month of 2015 and already there’s been tons of talk on how this is going to be the year the union between mobile and e-commerce is solidified.

Mobile is becoming a way of life. Smart devices are being adopted at an astounding pace and will be used more than any other device in the world in 2015, meaning innovation and investment in m-commerce is what’s going to keep e-retail moving forward.


Omnichannel Experiences

Remember when e-commerce was the buzzword of the year? For 2015, expect that word to be omnichannel.

It’s such a newcomer to the hot seat that people haven’t even figured out what the correct spelling will be yet (omni-channel? omni channel?). But what does it mean?

The term is born of the fact that consumers today are living and shopping across all channels. So really, it’s about the continuity of experience – from store to app to website to mobile for all customers. Because a bad experience in one aspect of the business can change the consumer’s opinion of the entire brand.

Of course, this includes having fast, easy, and secure mobile payment options, which bring us to…

The Mobile Wallet

Bottom line: mobile payment options are simply a must have for 2015.

Starbucks got a head start when they began rolling out their mobile payment option as early as 2011. It’s no surprise that after their huge success, other companies followed suit. The much-anticipated Apple Pay has finally arrived and already boasts the support of credit cards that represent 90% of the purchasers in the US.

And it’s not just about mobile payments – it’s about global mobile payments, which demands seamless transitions for shopping experiences in different countries and between different currencies.

Wearable Devices

The Samsung Smart Watch is already circulating amidst the consumer market and Apple isn’t far behind with their own version. These wearable devices offer instant marketing incentives and rapid updates on price & availability to anybody adorned with one. They can also be set to include alerts on special promotions relative to location, say, as an individual walks by the storefront.

An added benefit is that these devices are even more attached to the person because they’re actually on you, making them that much harder to ignore.

Internet of Things

Security systems, thermostats, door locks, and pet cams…you name it, we’re monitoring or controlling it via our device. What’s next? Home automation is a market that’s ripe for development.

When it comes to our beloved automobiles, we’ve already got a built-in GPS with live traffic and Bluetooth controls. Now we’re starting to see commercials for vehicles that can even provide the consumer with built-in Wi-Fi. While it was once something out of a sci-fi movie, all of a sudden a vehicle that can pilot itself while allowing the driver to get their online shopping done doesn’t seem that far away.

Mobile Security

It’s no secret that the world is moving to mobile, so it’s only a matter of time before m-commerce becomes the target of those with less-than-honorable intentions, and all that mobile data is going to need increased protection.

“Many businesses have begun to take security more seriously because of the high-profile data breaches that were seen in 2014.” As the number of threats increases, so must corporate spending to improve data protection. To continue to grow in 2015, e-retailers must ensure customers feel secure shopping on their site from every device.

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