WebSphere Commerce V7 Mobile Commerce

With the increased use of mobile devices and technology, WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 enables smart phones as new customer touch points for browsing the online store, conducting side-by-side product comparisons, receiving marketing messages, promotion codes, store location information, inventory availability, and completing transactions. The mobile store model provides out-of-the-box support for smart phones allowing companies to quickly adopt mobile as a new channel for doing business; while seamlessly leveraging the power of the Cross-Channel Precision Marketing Engine in this new customer touch point.

Key Features

  • Ability to get product information, stock availability, and store locations
  • Receive marketing messages or coupon codes via Short Message Service
  • Buy via mobile device and get order status information
  • Store locator

Key Benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve customer experience with access across multiple touch points
  • Open a new revenue channel for businesses
  • Leverage the same Web business user tooling to manage Web and mobile marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Storefront real estate optimized for mobile

SMS Support

  • Order status
  • Marketing messages (promotion codes)

Summary of Mobile Optimizations

  • Compactness
    • functions omitted, images omitted, store flows reorged
  • Standards
    • W3C Mobile Best Practices
    • Passes mobile OK Scheme 1.0 Basic Tests
  • Opt in to receive SMS messages (enter phone number)
  • Shopping flow optimization
    • Shipping method limited to pick up in store
    • Payment limited to credit card or pay in store
  • Accessibility does not make sense on mobile phone (omitted)

Enabling Mobile Store Pages

  • Publish MadisonsMobile.sar add-on store archive
    • Adds directory of mobile JSP files
    • Adds Struts mappings

Example Mobile Store Pages

  • Homepage
    • no flash
    • images are smaller
    • navigation simplified
  • e-Spots have “mobile” in the names
  • Product availability
  • Store locator
    • can call store phone # (feature of phone)
  • Registration
    • Only a few fields: logon id, email, firstname, lastname

Targeted Devices

  • Tier-1 smartphones with resolution of 240*320
  • IBM testing
    • iPhone
    • Blackberry
    • Windows Mobile 6.1.4
    • Nokia
    • Android

Mobile Device Simulators

  • Limited to vertical scrolling
  • Cannot receive SMS messages
  • Presentation contains links to simulators

Routing to mobile specific store pages

  • Device independent routing
  • Device dependent switching to mobile pages
    • web module filter checks HTTP header (built-in)
    • device matches causes Struts forwarding to specific pages (customization exercise, starter store only supports tier 1 devices)
  • Device specific routing
    • xml/config/
    • pattern match of HTTP header maps device to internalID (example: -11)
    • struts-config-ext.xml
      • Forward based on device ID:  <forward ….>
    • More likely to add new devices to use existing pages than add device specific pages


  • Messages
    • Promotions and other marketing messages
    • Order status notices
  • SMS transport
    • JCA adapter
    • Outbound only
    • Configured in adminconsole
      • New transports: SMSHTTP, SMSWS
      • message types (templates available, to be customized, optionally add new templates)
      • Example:
        • requires CustomParameters: &queue=1&concat=2
        • Device format: SMS messages
  • Requires SMS gateway provider
    • HTTP API – proprietary based on gateway vender (common subset, can add others)
    • Parlay X Web services specification 3.0 (consortium)
    • List of vendors provided in presentation
  • Templates:
    • OrderAuthorized (OrderAuthorizedSMS.jsp)
    • OrderReceived
    • OrderRejected
    • OrderCancel
    • OrderChanged
    • ReleaseShipNotify
  • Testing methodology
    • Requires
      • SMS gateway provider
      • Real mobile device

Stay tuned for the next topic – Social Commerce

Adding social commerce features to your commerce site can have many advantages. By building a sense of community around your brands, you can enhance customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases.