Things Your Product Detail Page (PDP) Must Have

  1. Product Title: This needs to be prominent on the page with an <H1> tag surrounding it so search engines can easily spider the page
  2. Images: I want to see what the product is. The more images/views, the better.
  3. Add to Cart Button: Ability to add it directly to my shopping cart
  4. Price: How much the product is
  5. Availability: Whether the product is in stock
  6. Payment Methods: How can I pay for this product? Do you accept credit cards, e-check, PayPal, BillMeLater, etc.?
  7. Shipping: How much does it cost to ship, and when will it ship and arrive
  8. Return Policy: If I don’t like it, or something is wrong with it, can I return it and how long do I have?
  9. Product Detail: Description of what the product is and does
  10. Size Guide: If it’s apparel or some other size oriented item, show a size guide
  11. Color Options: All available color options for the product
  12. Ratings: Average rating users have given this product
  13. Reviews: User reviews, plus marks of those who are verified buyers
  14. Reviews Drilldown: sorting, filtering by rating, search
  15. Add to Wishlist: Let me save it for later, or ask someone else to get it for me
  16. Video: Demonstrations are useful in helping my decision process
  17. 360° Product Views: Show me the product at all angles
  18.  Product Image Zoom: Let me do a super fine zoom so I can examine the product as closely as possible
  19. Trustmarks: Let me know your site is safe to shop on, and what measures you take to ensure this
  20. Live Chat: If I have a question, I don’t want to pick up the phone as I’m on my computer. Give me the option to chat with someone live.
  21. Product Code/SKU: It’s generally easier for call center representatives to find the product I’m ready to buy over the phone by its code/SKU
  22. Highlighted Special Offers or Discounts: Make sure I don’t miss an opportunity to save when buying this product
  23. Social Sharing Buttons: Give me the option to “like” it or share it with my friends
  24. Also Liked…: Show me what other shoppers are buying who also bought this product
  25. Cross-Selling: Show me what else I can buy with my product that complements it
  26. Up-Selling: Give the ability to buy a more expensive model if available, or show me other related products in a series. E.g., the other seasons of a TV show I’m buying.

Source: 31 things I need to see on your ecommerce product page