Take Control with the Zobrist WebSphere Commerce Maintenance Plan

The Take Control Maintenance Plan is a cost-effective way for companies to have 24x7x365 support for e-commerce sites powered by WebSphere. It alleviates the burden of monitoring, maintaining, and tuning to keep WebSphere Commerce running in a continuously uninterrupted and optimized way. Businesses will be able to concentrate on marketing and merchandising initiatives that directly deliver ROI instead of technical site housekeeping chores and support.

The 2009 Holiday Season showed that even in a tough economy, online sales have the ability to remain resilient and even outpace traditional brick-and-mortar sales. Coremetrics reported that online sales the day after Thanksgiving grew 35% over 2008. When compared to a small 3.1% Thanksgiving week growth for brick and mortar sales, this shows that ecommerce is by far the fastest growing component of the nation’s retail economy. In this environment, businesses are focusing on making smart investments in their ecommerce technology that help them to see real ecommerce results.

This new offering enables businesses to increase the overall uptime of their WebSphere Commerce sites, improving shoppers’ experiences with site stability and performance, which ultimately leads to higher brand satisfaction and store conversion.

In the competitive ecommerce market, companies running IBM WebSphere Commerce have been challenged to attract and hire employees with the necessary technical skills to maintain this powerful, frequently-updated system. Zobrist Software Group Inc. has created the “Take Control” offering specifically to address this need, in addition to providing relief to existing IT Staff with off-hours support.

Businesses who sign up for the Take Control Maintenance Plan receive 24x7x365 WebSphere Commerce Hotline Service from Zobrist Software Group Inc. that includes:

* 24x7x365 Hotline Support
* 800 calling # with tracking system
* Automated site-wellness checks
* Email alerts to Help Desk and to E-commerce Administrator at any sign of downtime
* 40 hours of technical support per month with roll-over hours
* Resolution for any WebSphere Commerce program error
* The application of regular maintenance fixpacks to keep the site current on IBM releases

Pricing is available upon request.

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Zobrist Software Group Inc.
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