Tablets Surpass Smartphones in Web Traffic for the First Time

According to Adobe, tablet traffic has surpassed web traffic for the first time in February 2013. With their analysis in over 100 billion visits across 1,000 sites, 8% of global traffic came from tablets. In the US, it accounted for 9.1% of traffic vs. 7.4% of smartphone traffic. Customers just prefer tablets to web browsing over smart phones accounting for 70% higher page views. Furthermore, retail tablet traffic is 10%, a number retailers cannot afford to ignore.

The question to ask yourselves now is “is my site tablet friendly?” Adobe comments that if your site is not tablet or smartphone ready, that one bad experience will send them elsewhere. Users want a smooth touch interface and great resolution for their latest toys. Tablets are continuing to take precedence in the market as well. iPad is still a hot seller, the huge influx of Android tablets also adds to the mix, followed by the Microsoft Surface Pro which has already sold over 400,000 devices in a month even with its high price tag (RT has about a million sold devices). Touch screens also strive to be the standard feature on many new laptops and convertibles.

If your site isn’t tablet ready currently, get on it now! These devices aren’t going away. Even Microsoft has proven that with how they are reinventing the PC with Windows 8 and their Surface Pro/RT products. It’s imperative with this growing trend to make your user experience the best possible against touch screen devices.

Source: Internet Retailer: Tablet traffic surpasses smartphone traffic for the first time