Search Friendly URLs for IBM WebSphere Commerce

Many sites use dynamic content to streamline their maintenance and data management processes. With dynamic content, data is retrieved from back-end databases, so URLs are built with a number of parameters, represented by special characters such as %, ?, #, etc. When search engine spiders see these special characters, they stop crawling the site and rank these dynamically driven sites very low in terms of content relevancy. This means that your unpaid, natural search results will appear lower (or not at all) in search engine results.

This new service offering will take URLs that can be difficult for search engines to read, index and display in natural search results, and will then remove special characters and create English-language URLs to display smart content such as company, catalog and product information. This will be tremendously beneficial for e-commerce web sites with dynamic content.

The Zobrist Search Friendly URLs offering will create effective URLs by using substitution rules to add relevant content to the URLs. These substitution rules automatically populate the URLs with catalog information so that when new products are added, the URLs are immediately updated, allowing customers to hit your site directly from the search engine. Besides Friendly URLs, this offering also includes the generation of an XML sitemap, and important page tags such as title, heading 1, heading 2, meta tag, and alt-image tags that also help your natural search results.

Benefits of activating search-friendly URLs on your site include:

  • Increase the effectiveness of unpaid, organic search for your entire website
  • Increase Google page ranking for each page
  • Increase the number of pages that can be crawled by search engine spiders
  • Increase traffic to and sales from your site

Companies that have deployed Search Friendly URLs include Harney Hardware, Lee Jeans and The North Face. For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, please contact Teresa Zobrist or visit