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Today your customers need you online like never before. Are you online to help your customers get what they need? Is it fast enough to keep them shopping? Is it seamlessly connected to a delivery system to meet your customers’ immediate needs?

If you are looking to either get your business up and running NOW, or speed up your existing online storefront, we have the perfect solution.

We can get your business online in 6 weeks or less. We have a turn-key online storefront that loads extremely fast on mobile devices to provide the best customer experience. Time is money. You have 2 seconds or less before you lose your shopper to the next text or instagram or tweet.

We care about your business and want to help you get through this crisis.
Putting your business online is a daunting task with many decisions to be made. There are important factors such as the user experience and how to best represent your brand online, the ability to search and easily find products, and the speed with which the site loads on mobile devices. You may worry about how security and privacy are going to be handled when orders are placed, and if you are on the food industry, how scalable is your site to handle a surge in traffic.

We have battle-tested all of the above scenarios with complex implementations and have simplified the process into the following five steps:

  1. Load your catalog
  2. Style your store
  3. Preview
  4. Test
  5. Launch

The whole process takes weeks, not months and you are in control. Most importantly, we will integrate the website to your partners, vendors and suppliers so your supply chain will run smoothly.

Take your new storefront out for a spin with a free Proof-of-Concept.
We want to earn your trust and your business. And a really good way to do this is to show you what your future store looks like in a Proof-of-Concept. We will load your catalog into our pre-built store, turn on our search engine, and let you test drive it. You will be able to see what your products look like in an online store, search for products, add to your shopping cart, and checkout. After a week, if you are not happy, we can part ways as friends, no questions asked.

As a preview for the POC, watch the video below to see our speedy website running on a mobile device and throttled at 3G so you can rest assured that we have paid attention to how fast each page will load. Nobody likes a slow website.

The Bishop Company posted a 163% ROI by using our solution.
Selling equipments and tools to arborists and gardeners, The Bishop Company was looking for a website that would be fast and accessible on mobile devices to serve his shoppers. was built and launched on Amazon in record time, earning a 163% ROI for the company.
(Link to the Case Study)

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In this financial crisis, there will be 30,000 store closures in addition to a financial recession. This is about a total shutdown of the consumer economy and the retails and food services sector.
You don’t want to be part of the statistics. Take action now. Talk to us. We can help. or

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