Integrating PayPal with WebSphere Commerce V7

Learn how to integrate PayPal® with WebsSphere® Commerce V7.0.0.1 or later so that you can use PayPal to process payment for online orders. You will add a new payment method for PayPal, create a new payment plug-in for PayPal, and customize several JSP and commands to support the PayPal flow.

Before you start

PayPal is one of the most well-known worldwide payment service providers. The flow for PayPal is different from traditional payment gateways, such as Visanet®. During shopping, an online store redirects the shopper to the PayPal web site to process the payment. PayPal Express Checkout is PayPal’s premier checkout solution, which streamlines the checkout process for buyers and keeps them on the merchant’s site after making a purchase.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use PayPal Express Checkout to process payment in the Madisons starter store of WebSphere Commerce V7.0.0.1. However, you can apply the same principles for later versions, other punch-out payment service providers, and other store types.


  • Learn about the PayPal flow.
  • Learn how to integrate PayPal with WebSphere Commerce V7.0.0.1 or later.
  • Learn the principles about integrating punch-out payment service providers with WebSphere Commerce.

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Source: IBM developerWorks