Learn What Zobrist Is Sharing at Orlando’s B2B Marketing Conference

The year’s can’t-miss B2B marketing conference is November 14 and 15 in Orlando, Florida, and Zobrist Software Group Inc. will be there.

At B2B Online 2022, B2B manufacturers and distributors will meet, collaborate with, and learn from industry experts and each other.

Started in 2013, B2B Online is the world’s leading B2B eCommerce and digital marketing conference. Catering to industry manufacturers and distributors, this conference brings together the leading minds in the B2B marketing sphere. Participants can expect to hear the latest B2B trends and developments to guide their companies. Experts will also discuss the realities of B2B business and provide insights that can help other companies grow.

Zobrist, a leading provider of enterprise-level eCommerce storefronts, mobile applications, and managed services, is a proud sponsor of B2B Online 2022. The event will bring together more than 200 manufacturing and distributor executives to listen to over 80 eCommerce and Digital Marketing experts. Attendees also get to participate in more than 30 hours of in-person networking sessions.

Zobrist’s expertise in Product Information Management and in providing highly efficient solutions for online storefronts make it a natural fit for the world’s premier B2B marketing conference.

B2B marketing conference

Modernize Your B2B eCommerce and Marketing With Zobrist

Zobrist will participate in B2B Online 2022 in many ways, giving the company various opportunities to connect with conference attendees and share B2B marketing solutions. For instance, during the two-day event, the company will highlight Smart Merchandiser, Mobiecom, and other custom integration solutions.

In addition, the company will maintain an exhibition booth complete with videos and demonstrations of its software products. Besides this exhibition booth, Zobrist will sponsor an exclusive wine-tasting event on the first day of the conference.


Zobrist’s Mobiecom provides its clients with a better mobile shopping experience. Slow-loading shop catalogs often turn buyers off, but Mobiecom eliminates the problem once and for all. By helping mobile applications load product pages faster, companies can instantly show their online customers exactly what they’re looking for. It also removes friction in the buying process to offer seamless shopping.

With Mobiecom, clients can experience higher conversion rates, increased customer visits, improved SEO and SMM, and, ultimately, better ROI.

Smart Merchandiser

Smart Merchandiser is Zobrist’s solution to the complexities of online catalog merchandising. Before, merchandisers spent long hours poring over catalogs and sales data to make decisions for the online storefront. Now, Smart Merchandiser optimizes the merchandising process.

The simplified drag-and-drop solution lets marketing teams optimize the sequence of even the most extensive catalogs. In addition to visual merchandising, product information and analytics show which items need additional promotions and which products are about to run out.

With Smart Merchandiser, online sellers can make informed decisions about their virtual catalogs. Likewise, customers have a cleaner shopping experience that accurately displays items in stock. That’s why Smart Merchandiser clients should expect a 70% increase in productivity and a 20% boost in revenue.


Zobrist also provides B2B eCommerce development and consulting solutions to businesses that want to give their clients a modern eCommerce user experience. Whether it’s speeding up the loading time of pages or streamlining the inventory management and fulfillment process, Zobrist has you covered.

The company can also help clients take their business to the next level. This includes adding multiple payment options, more languages, and other upsell integrations.

Faster Time to Market

Zobrist offers faster time-to-market integrations that allow clients to enjoy their upgraded systems earlier. For instance, the company usually completes a B2B or B2C storefront implementation within six weeks. With reduced time to market, clients can spend less time tinkering with the app and more time selling.

Join Zobrist at B2B Online Orlando 2022!

Now is the perfect time for your B2B executives and marketing teams to make plans to attend B2B Online Orlando 2022 on November 14 and 15. Everybody who’s made a name in the B2B digital marketplace will be there, making this a can’t-miss learning event for you and your team.

B2B Online Orlando 2022 is full of opportunities to educate your team and grow your business. For one thing, leading industry experts will speak on the latest B2B marketing trends. In addition, you’ll have an unmatched chance to network with your B2B peers in one place and tell them about your company. There’s no better way to make key connections for your business.

Don’t hesitate too long—the earlier you decide to attend, the more you’ll save on registration and conference fees. For those already committed to attending, drop by the Zobrist booth. Or, join us for the wine tasting and a quick chat about B2B solutions. Either way, we hope to see you there.

Stop by booth 206 to say hello during the conference!
Join us for a fun wine-tasting event and chat on B2B digital commerce solutions and don’t forget to register to win a new Apple iPad.