Introducing IBM® Commerce on Cloud

IBM® recently released Commerce on Cloud, a premier eCommerce platform for midmarket enterprises hosted on IBM’s cloud services. IBM’s new solution allows for a fast, low risk, high ROI transition to an enterprise level platform. Since the platform is hosted on the cloud, it will grow with your business, offering additional services as they become needed. Prebuilt store fronts along with unique branding customization provides for a user friendly, low maintenance site the midmarket has been searching for.  With three easy steps, a business can join the cloud movement in as little as 90 days by signing up with an IBM Premier Business Partner such as Zobrist.


Step 1: Build Your Store Front

  • Prebuilt templates make it fast and easy.
  • Branding customization allows for unique experiences tailored to each brand.

Step 2: Prepare to Launch

Step 3: Launch the New Store

  • Responsive design allows for consistent experience on all devices including mobile.
  • Personalized content for customers.
  • Easy content management.
  • Search and browse with ease.
  • Peace of mind that IBM Commerce on Cloud is highly reliable.