If you are struggling with WCS Management Center, this is for you – Why hundreds of users love Smart Merchandiser!

It’s time to get ready for the Holidays! Back to school. For retail, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and before we know it, it’s the Holidays Rush! If you are currently using Management Center, and you are looking at the monumental tasks of getting your products sequenced properly on the page, racing around to get your analytics reports, in addition to checking your inventory levels by color by size, take a deep breath. Help is here! Let’s look at what other merchandisers are saying about Smart Merchandiser, trusted by the world’s best brands.


“Most valuable for me – the ability to click and drag or click and move to remerchandise the page”

Lisa Lee


“Pinning products is definitely a winner for me!”

Matt Tommy Hilfiger


“Inventory representation is a visual format. Also being able to set different default colors by style per page.”

Amanda Wrangler


“Analytics is KING! I also like the new heatmap.”


“Love the analytics overlay and the ability to delete from multiple categories at once!”

Dana and Heather Timberland


“Removing products from all associated categories.”

Elaine Vans


Smart Merchandiser is a visual representation of Management Center that allows you to do a lot of your merchandising chores visually, by drag and drop, search, mass add, delete, and move. With Smart Merchandiser, you will be 80% more productive and help boost revenue by 20%.


We are thankful and grateful to our wonderful customers for sharing their kind words and feedback. Let us help your brand get ready for a great holiday season as well. Email us at or call 877-962-7478