Negative Reviews: Good for Business?

Negative reviews are every business owner’s nightmare. At first it may seem like a single bad review can ruin the e-commerce business you worked so hard to build, but when dealt with correctly it can actually be a good thing for your company!

According to the Trust Economy Report, “15% of online shoppers surveyed said that they are more likely to do business with a company which responded to a negative review and dealt with it successfully.” So does that mean unfavorable reviews are actually good for business?

Dealing with negative reviews

Research has also shown that 68% of consumers trust online reviews more when they see both good and bad testimonials, and up to 30% suspect foul play when they don’t see any negative reviews. So while dealing with a negative review is never a fun experience, it’s important to remember that they’re a normal and important part of operating a business online.

You can help your bottom line out even more by responding promptly and professionally to any imperfect feedback. Take the opportunity to turn a negative experience into a positive one by reaching out to any disgruntled customers. A simple acknowledgement of their experience can make them more likely to use your business again, especially if there’s something you can do to fix the problem! At the very least, responding to any less-than-stellar reviews will make other customers more likely to trust your business.

Whatever your response, whether it’s offering restitution or a simple apology, make sure you respond quickly! 50% of customers say they only give a brand one week to respond before they’ll stop doing business with them.

At the end of the day, remember that 83% of reviews written each year are positive. So keep a smile on your public face when dealing with the small amount of negative reviews your business receives. You may even gain more customers in the process!

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