The Cure for Cart Abandonment

There are two types of surprises, good ones and bad ones. Knowing the difference between the two is the key to successful conversion rates. This can be proved through eCommerce analytics and online shopper surveys. A good surprise for a customer is a discount and/or free shipping. A bad surprise is a shipping charge that pops up at checkout or the need for an account to make a purchase.

  1. The number one reason for cart abandonment is due to unexpected shipping costs at checkout.
  2. Number two on the list of best ways to scare off your customers and kill a sale is requiring them to create a new user account for your site.

Now to fix these issues

  1. Shipping
    • At a minimum let the customer know the estimated shipping costs
    • Provide free shipping at a certain price point (24% of online shoppers will increase their purchase for free shipping).
  2. Provide a guest checkout option.
  3. Follow up to save your customers before it is too late! 54% of online shoppers will reclaim their abandoned cart if reoffered with a discount.

Our Clients often use AscentCRM to track their customers’ behavior and analyze ways to improve the shopping experience. SmartWool enlisted AscentCRM who decreased cart abandonment and increased their sales by profiling customers and following up on abandoned carts, specifically targeting what entices them to buy. The bargain hunter will respond to a subject line about an additional discount on the abandoned cart while the loyal shopper may appreciate a bonus gift or future discount with their purchase.

In the end, be up front with your customers. Let the only surprise be the great deal or quality they are getting. Buyers are too smart to trick them with low ticket prices and smack them with extra costs at checkout. Be upfront with shipping costs and offer a way to get free shipping and you’ll see cart abandonment decrease.