Customer Experience Best Practices: IBM’s the State of Marketing 2013

According to a new survey taken by IBM of marketing professionals, which is published in The State of Marketing 2013, marketers who are ahead of the pack do this with innovation. This innovation comes from various uses of technology such as personalizing a shopper’s experience utilizing big data and location-based tactics. With this personalization, their marketing strategy is reached across a broader base across each channel.

The survey lists a few things that these marketers are doing better than everyone else. They include knowing the customer context and integrate, act on insights systematically, and taking a broader view of the customer experience. These marketers are:

  • 2.6x more likely to use real-time technologies
  • 3.5x more differentiated in their use of location-based technologies
  • 2x more likely to measure the customer experience on their website and apps
  • 1.7x more able to recover revenue from poor customer experiences
  • 1.7x more influential over service interactions by evaluating levels of satisfaction
  • 1.6x better adept at identifying cross and upsell for sales and customer facing staff
  • 5.6x more likely to adopt cross channel technologies

In turn, these leading marketers are able to create better financial performance in their organization. The organizations have:

  • 1.8x gross profit
  • 3.4x net income
  • 2.4x stock price

How does your organization compare? Hit up the source link to read The State of Marketing 2013 report or view an easy to read infographic.

Source: Results from IBM’s Global Survey of Marketers: Customer Experience Best Practices