How to Boost Sales by Rewarding Loyal Customers

Young woman portrait hold gift. Smiling happy girl on white background.

Want to keep the holiday sales boost going through the new year? Reward your most loyal customers – the people who return to your store again and again, love your products and tell their friends about them. They just need you to give them a reason to buy!

Offer Free Shipping

Send an email to your most frequent shoppers offering them free shipping for a limited time. 73% of online shoppers say free shipping is “critical” to their purchase decisions. Give them a reason to splurge on themselves! Maybe they could snatch up the gift they really wanted for Christmas, stock up on cold-weather gear, or get ready for the coming spring season!

Celebrate Special Occasions

Rewarding Loyal Ecommerce Customers

If you ask customers for their birthday when they sign up for your email newsletter, you better make sure you mark the day by offering them a special something! Whether it’s a small gift with purchase or a discount during their birthday month, this is an easy way to reward your customers while also encouraging repeat buying and brand loyalty.

Ask Their Advice

People love to tell you what they think, you just have to make it easy for them to do it! Place an opinion poll on your site, social media, or ask customers to give you feedback via email. Whether it’s what they like about a new site design or ideas for products they would love to see – you never know what brilliant insights can come from your loyal fans. And a brand that listens to its customers and cares about what they have to say is a brand that inspires repeat purchases.

Feature Super Fans

Rewarding Loyal Ecommerce Customers

Invite your customers to submit photos of themselves enjoying your product, whether it’s wearing a t-shirt or using a lawnmower, and you can feature them on your social media pages or on your website. Black Milk Clothing (pictured above) does this very well by displaying user-created photos that have been posted on social media with their hashtag. This not only rewards super fans by showing them off on your site, but gives social proof to new customers who are thinking about buying your product.

Give Early Access to New Products

Invite your biggest fans via email (or even social media) to see your latest gear before anyone else does! This kind of limited-time exclusivity encourages quick purchases and has the bonus of making your customers feel like they’re part of your brand. Make sure you encourage them to share their exclusive purchase with their friends!

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