IBM WebSphere Commerce V7.0 Feature Pack 2.0 further improves the customer shopping experience

WebSphere® Commerce V7.0 Feature Pack 2.0 delivers powerful new storefront capabilities within the WebSphere Commerce V7.0 platform to better deliver a smarter shopping experience for your customers. It enables your brand to:

  • Leverage a new faceted site search solution that allow shoppers to easily locate products, services and other offers that closely meet their needs
  • Build social bridges from online storefronts to certain external social networking sites by leveraging portable, online identities
  • Share the shopping experience through co-shopping, by co-browsing with other shoppers or customer service representatives
  • Offer shoppers the ability to purchase subscription or service-based offerings
  • Help business users to manage complex product pricing by defining business rules through integration with WebSphere ILOG® JRules, a leading external business rule management solution
  • Enhance content management capabilities including versioning of catalog objects and easy integration to external content management systems
  • Provide powerful business user tools for store management, product attribute management and price lists and rules management
  • Offer shoppers real-time product recommendations using Coremetrics analytics

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