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Want to Build a Better Digital Experience? Create an Engaging Journey Through DXC

Digital content creation has left modern companies in a digital dilemma: should they rely on traditional content management systems (CMS), or do it alone? At its core, CMS lets marketers in on the action, helping create the right digital experience. Granted, the limitations of traditional CMS systems mean they can only create content for one channel at a time.

Creating content designed for one channel is easy. Duplicating this content to work in other channels isn’t. If only there was a solution that combined the technical capabilities of a headless system with the ease of use of front-end applications. Together, these distinct systems can provide the best customer experience in the most efficient way possible.

Fortunately, today’s marketers enjoy a third option. Thanks to Digital Experience Composition (DXC) applications, they can readily publish content across various channels. They can even provide Application Programming Interface (API) connectivity to headless systems like CMS. That means business users can create top-notch digital experiences without learning code, and their customers are none the wiser.

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How to Identify What Your Customers Want

While products drive consumers to a company, the service and customer experience they receive are why they stay. Of course, we all know that retaining existing customers is both cheaper and more profitable than working to woo new ones. But how profitable is more profitable? Bain & Company reports that a 5% increase in customer retention rates can generate up to 25% additional profits.

A major part of the retention effort is identifying what customers want. Customers expect consistently good customer service beyond the product’s quality and value. This includes having seamless experiences when navigating the online store and completing a purchase.

They also want personalized service as much as possible. Being treated as a unique individual rather than a faceless credit card swipe in a sea of customers is something we all remember, after all. Finally, today’s customer wants convenience at all costs. They want to be able to continue their support conversations across channels without missing a beat.

The best and most efficient way to figure these things out is through analytics and machine learning. The better insights a company can gather from its customers’ actions, the better it can fine-tune the digital experience.

Building a Streamlined Digital Experience

Knowing what customers want and delivering on it are two very different things. Providing customers with a streamlined digital experience throughout the various stages of the sales journey can help bridge that gap.

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A great digital customer experience should always start with fast-loading web pages. Companies should provide a platform that features a clean, quick-loading interface that’s easy to navigate.

Understandably, customers don’t have the time or the patience for slow-loading websites. According to, more than 50% of online shoppers expect web pages to load within 2-3 seconds. Anything more than that can push them to abandon their online shopping plans with your company altogether.

The bottom line is simple: you need to make your online shopping experience so seamless that customers intuitively find themselves at check-out. From navigating the site and browsing for products to checking out available sizes and colors and pulling the trigger, everything must flow perfectly.

How DXC Helps Build an Engaging Journey

Additionally, the company’s messages should be clear across all channels. Providing the ultimate digital customer experience means ensuring all customers can access your content no matter what channel they’re on.

Giving marketers the tools to publish content consistently across multiple channels can prevent customers from missing out on these messages. DXC also ensures personalized content reaches the intended recipient regardless of their currently preferred medium.

DXC provides the flexibility and agility for companies to respond to customer changes instantly. Instead of dealing with monolithic systems that deal with one channel or grappling with headless systems that require learning code, marketers can now do the work themselves.

DXC allows companies to respond to messages and capitalize on trends faster. With DXC, the game is no longer about the marketing or developer stacks but the digital experience composition stack.

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Creating a Seamless Journey Across Multiple Touchpoints

Using conventional or headless CMS systems can make creating messages across various channel formats time-consuming. To deliver these digital experiences on the fly, marketers will need DXC tools to get the job done. DXC also allows the quick delivery of personalized content that individual customers will appreciate.

Publishing content across all channels is still possible outside of DXC, but the process won’t be as efficient or easy. Instead of figuring out how to migrate content from one platform to another, use a DXC application to reuse the content used for one channel message and lay them out in another format.

For customers who expect their sales journey to utilize different channels throughout, having DXC to painting consistency in the messages can prove helpful. Once positive omnichannel experiences become standard in your customer service system; customers will find it much easier to remain connected and engaged.

Mobiecom Helps Start the Digital Experience at the Right Speed

Incorporating DXC into your system to improve the user experience should start at the forefront: page loading times. Zobrist’s Mobiecom is a lightweight but superfast Single Page Application (SPA) that acts as a headless virtual storefront.

With Mobiecom, site visitors can start their digital experience the right way. The app ensures that site visitors will experience lightning-fast web page loads from the start. This applies to everything from browsing through the catalogs to checking out purchases. In addition, Mobiecom also improves your site’s SEO/SEM search results via isomorphic rendering and deep linking.

Mobiecom ensures that every customer’s digital experience starts and ends at the right pace by providing a frictionless online sales journey. Faced with fewer site loading and navigation issues, customers can shop online without frustration.

Learn more about how Mobiecom can jumpstart the digital experience for your customers here.