Bazaarvoice faces an antitrust suit over PowerReviews acquisition

I was a bit surprised it took so long for this to happen. When I heard Bazaarvoice was acquiring PowerReviews, I thought well that’s that, we just use one company now and no longer have to choose between them. When you think of review companies, you think of these two. Sure, competitors do exist. But can you off the top of the head name viable competitors to these two companies in a SAAS model? None worthwhile I can think of mentioning… Bazaarvoice argues the PowerReviews acquisition was too small to get its blessing from the DOJ. The DOJ, obviously, argues otherwise and charges Bazaarvoice of taking out its largest competitor by acquisition limiting consumer choices on review companies and raising prices. I don’t have all the facts on this, but I can easily see the DOJ’s point of view. Do I think the DOJ will force some sort of breakup forcing Bazaarvoice to create a new competitor? Not sure… I think more likely they’ll face a lot of legal fees, possibly a fine, and DOJ may let them live as one in the end. But DOJ isn’t happy being bypassed, so likely Bazaarvoice will pay in some way. Read full article here.