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Building a B2B Online Marketplace? Your Checklist for Future-Proof Backend Architecture

Future-proofing your eCommerce strategies and staying ahead of the competition is the same. While you can achieve both by replacing your outdated backend architecture with modern systems, it’s easier said than done.

After all, doing so rests on overhauling your company infrastructure from the inside out. However, those up to the task can realize greater digital returns for longer.

What Does “Future-Proof” Mean for an Online Marketplace?

Simply put, “future-proofing” your digital storefront means it’s better equipped to withstand the blows of changing demands. If your business is a bridge, future-proof backend architecture is the suspension cables.

future-proofing your backend architecture

It allows you to integrate new features without having to gut your entire suite of technology solutions or rely on your e-commerce vendor to get the ball rolling.

There are, however, a few key considerations when it comes to future-proofing your business’s backend architecture. The nature of your business, the scale at which you operate, and how your clients define a good customer experience should all guide your decision-making.

The most important indicator of a standout future-proofed system is that it allows you to automate your B2B online marketplace without drastically changing your backend architecture. If you can’t do this, you’re not future-proofed, which means you’re susceptible to falling behind.

Consider extending a hand to an experienced partner as part of your checklist. Otherwise, a lonely journey could be much more fruitful with someone with some skin in the game on your side.

Thanks to forward-thinking companies like Zobrist and the software they go to bat with, future-proofing your online marketplace has never been easier.

Implement Headless eCommerce

When a business implements changes, it often involves changes to the user interface/customer-facing software—the ‘head’ of the system. The drawback of this is that employees and customers then have to relearn how to navigate the software over and over.

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With headless eCommerce, the presentation layer is decoupled from the backend entirely. As a result, even the most significant of upgrades won’t impede the user experience.

You can better represent your brand with the backend and the user interface decoupled. Without touching the backend, you can have an online marketplace that looks and feels precisely how you want it to.

Headless eCommerce also comes with a major speed advantage. You can readily alter your user interface without waiting for backend changes to pave the way or follow suit. This allows your customers to always have access to the latest upgrades.

Zobrist’s Mobiecom enables you to build a more user-friendly, responsive online marketplace without too much fiddling with your backend architecture.

Leverage Cloud-Based Architecture and Core APIs

For those with their sights set on scaling, leveraging cloud-based technology is one of the best ways to future-proof your backend architecture. That’s because physical architecture is expensive to establish and even costlier to expand upon.

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A cloud-based architecture is cheaper in the short and long term, as you aren’t bogged down by the real estate and repair demands of on-premise technology. Cloud-based technology also offers security advantages, giving you the assurance that your precious data will stay right where it belongs.

You should also use core application programming interfaces (APIs) in your backend architecture. In short, APIs are a type of software interface that allows for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other.

You can think of it like the connective tissue of your backend architecture. Making use of APIs allows for your tech stack to integrate better. These improved connections make your IT systems more adaptable by allowing you to share data across systems.

Get a Partner With the Right Solution

You don't have to go alone when implementing your backend architecture future-proofing solutions. There are experts eager to guide you along your journey to optimal B2B eCommerce.

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To find the right partner for you, do your research! You should know the history of the service provider you’re considering. Are they qualified to solve the unique problems your business faces?

Not to mention, finding the right partnership can open you up to other resources, too. This is especially true for small businesses that may not be able to access more expensive infrastructure or have such a deep well of experience.

Similar to how your field knowledge has stacked you against the competition, some experts in backend architecture future-proofing have earned their stripes more than others. Look for them; they’ll be the ones to save you from making costly mistakes before it’s too late.

Future-Proof Your Online Marketplace With Mobiecom

Truth be told, improving your online marketplace is a never-ending process. Customer expectations change like the wind, and they’ll only continue to do so. As new technology emerges, the standard for good customer service changes, too—to which you either adapt to rise or risk going the way of the dodos.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make that choice when your backend architecture is future-proofed. Once future-proofed, it’s time to breathe life into your user interface. This is where Mobiecom comes in.

Zobrist’s Mobiecom allows you to easily improve your mobile storefront with headless eCommerce solution. Worrying about complicated backend architecture coding to change website performance will be a thing of the past.

Mobiecom also removes the stresses of using multiple programs and spreadsheets to evaluate performance. Marketing eSpots, branded search suggestions, product display features, and shopping cart features are all rolled into one savvy tool for superior performance and a responsive design.

Mobiecom is fast and efficient with its lightweight, single-page application that loads data on demand. It allows you to make real-time changes, which means you never have to wait for customer experience improvement features. Book a demo of Mobiecom to learn more about how you can future-proof your business today.