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B2B Customer Experience: Common CX Mistakes to Avoid Online

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, a positive customer experience orientation is critical to building a successful business. With ever-increasing competition in the marketplace for ever-similar offerings, it’s positive human interaction that can set you apart from the rest. On the flip side, if a customer cannot find what they are looking for, or experiences poor online service or technical difficulties, it is easy for them to abandon a purchase or choose another supplier with just one click.

The vast majority of B2B CMOs predict that customer experience (CX) will be even more critical in interactions in the coming years. McKinsey studies show that 25% of customers will defect after just one bad experience, and customers switching companies due to poor service costs U.S. businesses an estimated $1.6 trillion. In addition, 68% of customers won’t go back after switching providers. Poor CX can cost your business big bucks.

Online CX is competitive and requires constant monitoring. Dropping the ball once could result in a lost customer for life. This makes delivering excellent B2B eCommerce customer service crucial for long-term success. Since it is so easy to switch providers when doing business online, high value should be placed on digital experiences and streamlining user-friendly business transactions. Here’s what you should avoid at all costs if you want to create a stand-out online user experience and keep your customers coming back for more.

Slow Loading Times

Improving the loading speed of your website is a surefire way to dramatically boost conversion rates. In fact, on average, a one-second decrease in load time can increase your conversions by seven percent! Up to 40% of consumers abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load. In a fast-moving world where convenience is king and commodities are instantly available, every second of loading time on your site is an extra second of customer time wasted… and time is money.

B2B Customer Experience Online

Terrible Website Design

Considering that 73% of companies actively invest in web design to help their brand stand out, it is evident that those who provide a poor website experience are actually helping their competition gain ground. According to SmallBusinessGenius, better UX design can increase conversions by up to 400%.

In much the same way a slow-loading website is a deal-breaker for customers, a hard-to-navigate website does not give the customer any hope that customer service or product quality will be any better.

Poor Communication

With so many channels available to connect with businesses, customers expect you to be available where they want, when they want. The first impression that a customer receives sets the stage for the rest of their interaction. An absence of real-time support, long turnaround times for customer queries, and poor handling of customer concerns can all contribute to a poor customer experience.

To maximize communication efficiency, streamline your online B2B communication channels under one platform. This will allow you to deliver a cohesive multi-channel service with access to information between websites, social media, and email interactions.

Failure to LeverageTechnology

Implementing the right technology, at the right time, for the best outcome is key in providing extraordinary customer experience. According to Forbes, more than 50% of all web searches are voice-based, and sites that are not mobile-friendly cause 60% of users to doubt a company’s trustworthiness. These statistics confirm that not integrating up-to-date tech to enhance your CX is a huge mistake. However, not all tech tools are relevant for every situation.

Tech should serve as an enhancement to great customer experience. They should provide customers a range of options, and allow them to interact with you in the most comfortable and convenient mode for them. Consider offering various payment options, more than one way to contact you, and assistance in different languages and time zones if your business operates internationally. Make it easier for customers to find what they need with FAQs, how-to videos, step-by-step guides, and knowledge-based resources.

B2B Customer Experience

Not Providing Personalized CX

Statistics from 2018 to 2020 show that 76% of B2B buyers have increased expectations for solutions to be personalized and tailored to their needs, and providing personalized website experiences can increase sales by as much as 19%. Without real-time assistance, customers feel like just another number in your system, and that their business loyalty is not appreciated.

Real-time support through live chat allows customer agents to deliver instant sales support and troubleshooting. Video calls enable personalized customer care to clients in a way that is both convenient and time-saving. Customers can view product demonstrations, presentations, and have questions answered instantly. This gives the buyer a sense of human connection and improves customer experience. Communicating in real-time establishes stronger relationships, builds trust with customers, boosts satisfaction, and increases sales revenue.

Provide the Best B2B Customer Service With the Right Solution

As more and more B2B companies bring their brands to life with the latest technology, a mobile-friendly, responsive, and fast-loading website is something you simply cannot compromise on if you want to offer quality (and competitive) customer service. Streamlined, real-time customer communication, personalized content, and an optimized user-friendly design will help you connect and gain trust.

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