A Fresh Wrangler.com with Websphere Commerce

Looking for an updated site that speaks to their consumers, Wrangler© and the design team Barkley partnered with Zobrist Consulting to launch the redesigned Wrangler.com. The site is a WebSphere 6.0 implementation with advanced branding and SEO capabilities.


  • Deliver an integrated brand experience on wrangler.com.
  • Build out a brand new site in a short time, with a fixed-bid.
  • Create both a flash and an HTML version of the site.


The experience starts with the new home page featuring rotating images that draw in a variety of brand consumers, alongside controllable e-spots that allow the Wrangler® marketing team to create and refresh creative quickly and easily.

Consumers are now able to search for clothing and accessories using traditional categories, diving straight into the Men’s Jeans section, for example, but can also explore a bit more, browsing product collections suitable for Music & Dancing or Fishing & Hunting. The Zobrist team took advantage of the flexible Websphere product catalog, allowing the Wrangler team to group products in different ways to better serve, educate and entice their consumers.

Behind the scenes, the site is running both a flash version and an all-HTML version. This helps the site garner better natural search rankings, but required the Zobrist team to fully integrate the flash and html versions. The team rose to the challenge, testing both versions of the site anytime changes were made to ensure a seamless experience for all Wrangler consumers.

Zobrist communicated regularly with Wrangler and the design team, with constant updates over the course of the four-month long project. The nature of a complex project can sometimes mean significant cost overruns, but Chris Hobson, senior VP, VF Services, was pleased with the fixed-price bid commitment from Zobrist, personally thanking “the Zobrist team for delivering the project on-time and on-budget.” Hobson went on to say that this project delivery spoke “volumes about [Zobrist’s] ability and commitment to VF Corp.”


Brendan Walsh, Wrangler.com Project Manager, heard “nothing but good things about Zobrist” when he joined the ecommerce team and was happy to report that the Zobrist team “lived up to every word, making important contributions that helped the site launch on time.”

“Together with Wrangler and their design team, we’ve created a site that will enable Wrangler consumers to easily and enjoyably find the products they want,” explains Teresa Zobrist, president of Zobrist Consulting. “The new site helps Wrangler reach new consumers with improved SEO, and provide a smooth online experience with the improved shopping flow and single-page checkout.”

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