A Passion for Customer Satisfaction

Zobrist Consulting Group is an IT Services Consultant focused on developing fully integrated e-commerce stores and self-service web portals.  Looking to take advantage of the global economy with fast, intuitive, reliable internet-based solutions? Our team of IT Consultants focuses on a high quality, complete development process even on a tight budget. We speed up our execution with small releases that guarantee on-time delivery. Our customers do not have the luxury of patience; their livelihood lies in the balance of innovation and time-to-market.

We have a track record of success coming from years of experience creating large-scale applications and e-commerce solutions for well-known brands. Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. This means that we:

  • Develop a deep understanding of our customer’s business
  • Optimize business processes before designing an IT solution
  • Leverage existing information technology investments
  • Create true systems integration with existing back end technology
  • Invest in continuous training for our team of certified consultants
  • Strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction

Premier IBM Business Partner, IT Services Consultant

Ecommerce Consulting CompanyZobrist Consulting Group, Inc. is a Premier IBM Business Partner and a leader in consulting and implementation. We focus on Websphere so we can be the best Websphere Services Consultants in the world, and we recognize the importance of being able to deliver a fully integrated solution to clients who demand it.


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“We are committed to be the Provider of Choice, the Employer of Choice and the Investment of Choice.”

Teresa Zobrist, President & CEO of Zobrist Consulting Group, Inc.