Sales Center returns incorrect Floor Price with new price Commands after updating WebSphere Commerce Enterprise to V7. FEP 6

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Problem Abstract: IBM Sales-Center has the capability for a Customer Service Representative (CSR) to override an existing item price. IBM provides several features: 1. Restricting CSR’s to allow overriding price on particular catalogs/categories/products. 2. Defining the Maximum Limit, so that CSR cannot override price beyond that limit. 3. Restricting Price-Override…

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WC 7 Web 2.0 Starter Stores (Madisons B2C & Elite B2B)

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The Madisons starter store improves on the Web 2.0 store through more convenient packaging, improvements in store functionality to aid shoppers in their shopping experience, and improvements to store design to reduce development costs.

The Elite Web 2.0 based B2B starter store provides a rich experience and streamlined checkout process to enable B2B businesses to deliver a B2C-like shopping experience.

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